The Alps draw thousands of visitors in the winter time. This comes as no surprise, as the area is regarded as a top destination for highbrow travellers, avid skiers and people who love the winter. Travellers are sure to take delight in the picturesque scenery and plentiful activities when enjoying winter.

Top Winter Activities

Meribel is conveniently located in the Tarentaise Valley. This quaint village offers visitors the best in winter sports and activities. Of course, skiing is what the Alps are known for best and is the biggest draw. Other winter sports are available for people who want to try something different during their winter stay in Meribel. A sampling of winter activities available to visitors includes winter rafting, snow biking, snow shoeing, bob rafting, ice skating, ice karting, snowmobiling, ice driving, bobsleighing, dog sledding, Ice diving, snowcat driving, mono-bob, Quad biking and walking. If you love the idea of getting a “bird’s eye” view while in the region, you might want to consider taking to the skies paragliding, ballooning, Hang-gliding, skydiving, para-sailing or taking a helicopter ride. All of these activities will delight you with the sheer beauty found in the Tarentaise region of the Alps. If you would rather play things safe and just relax in the comfort of your chalet, you can enjoy some time in the sauna or pool. Jacuzzi tubs on the balcony of your chalet can provide much-needed comfort after a long day on the slopes. Even if you do not ski all day, there’s nothing more rewarding than enjoying your favourite beverage while taking a soak.

Enjoy Your Time in Meribel

There is no doubt that winter in Meribel is a truly magical time. Whether you are taking part in rigorous outdoor sports or just want to relax and enjoy all of the beauty that Meribel offers, you cannot go wrong. If you want to grab a bite to eat, visitors can choose from a number of restaurants in the Meribel area. Diners can find a vast array of food offerings that suit their palette. If you are in the mood for fine French Cuisine, La Chauiere never disappoints. If you prefer something quicker and in a more casual setting, you can always grab a pizza from Pizzaria Du Mattarat. Jack’s Bar is a top destination for visitors that want to enjoy a cold adult beverage and live music.

Meribel Has Lots to Offer

As you can see, Meribel has lots to offer in the wintertime. Winter activities are great for enjoying the outdoors and relieving stress. Multiple dining options give you the freedom to eat whatever foods sound good to you at the moment. When taking a holiday in Meribel, the best advice is to eat, drink and be merry! The decision to vacation in Meribel is a smart one! You will be amazed at how fun the area is in the wintertime!