The Advantages Of Using Peel And Read Labels For Your Product Information

You may need to include a lot of information on your product label for a number of reasons. Whatever the information is, you need to find a way for it to all fit on to your label without either running out of room and sacrificing on the design, or forcing to choose between what information to include. With a peel and read label, those worries will be a thing of the past.

A peel and read label is exactly what it sounds like. You peel a layer of your label away to reveal more information, either on the reverse or underneath it, or perhaps both. Commonly seen on product labels for food and drink, they are becoming increasingly popular due to their functionality and ease of use. So how could they be of use when it comes to your product?

Instructions and other essential information:

Some products are legally required to include certain information on their labels, such as food and drink. In the case of food that needs to be prepared by the customer, this means including nutritional information, ingredients and cooking instructions. All of this may seem like it will never fit onto your label while being a suitable size for the customer to read.

The solution? Use a peel and read label! This way, you will be able to include as much information as you need, while keeping the layout of your label uncluttered and the information easy to read.

An international audience:

If you are planning to distribute your product in multiple countries, then any essential language will need to be included in the language of each country. A peel and read label makes the inclusion of multiple languages on a label a lot easier, as the label can have more than one layer to peel away, so you could focus on one language per layer, making it clear to the reader which part of the label applies to them.

The inclusion of different languages on your label will make your product more widely available to a much larger audience, increasing the amount that you are able to sell.

Promotional offers or vouchers:

Using a peel and read label on your product is a great way to incorporate promotional offers or vouchers into the design. As this video demonstrates, peeling part of the label away to reveal the promotional offer couldn’t be easier, and makes the removal of the label far easier for the customer than having to peel the entire label off, which often results in tearing and damage to the label, rendering the voucher useless.

Using a peel and read label in this way allows the customer to interact with the product, and the promotion voucher that is included will strengthen the relationship you have with them, as they will be more likely to return to your product again if you have provided them with a way of saving money!

Saves room, doesn’t scrimp on style:

One of the biggest benefits of using a peel and read label is that you can include as much information as you like, without the design of your label suffering. You can still pay attention to aspects of your design such as typography and artwork while knowing that all the information that needs to be included is still on your label, and is easy for the customer to access.

So if you need a little extra room, or just want to include a special something for your customers, peel and read labels are a great way of doing exactly that.

Tammy Wiltshire is the Marketing Manager at Labelnet who are the leading manufacturers in the self-adhesive labels industry, and offer the design and manufacture of peel and read labels for products.

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