If you have a business of any kind and size and you decided to take things up a notch with your email marketing, cleaning up your email list is something you should consider investing in. Let’s say you send out a weekly newsletter that you work very hard to create. How do you know for sure that it reaches your subscribers and it accomplishes the goal you’ve set your mind to? Chances are that some of the email addresses you’ve gathered in your database are inaccurate, abandoned or unsafe to send to. Eliminating them is a priority, because all they do is clog your email list and eat up your money. This is where an email verification service comes along to help you.

How much money are you paying your email service provider right now, in order to send out your newsletters? We hate to tell you this, but if you’ve never verified your email list, some of that money is just being thrown out the window. Why? Because many of the email addresses in your database are inaccurate. Statistics show that 30% of email lists go bad every year, because of unsubscribes, bounces, people switching jobs or simply creating new addresses and abandoning the old ones. You might ask yourself: “So what?” Well, there are serious cons to sending marketing emails to inaccurate or dead email addresses.

  • you can get marked as “Spam” and have your reputation negatively affected
  • you can even get blacklisted for sending large amounts of what email providers consider to be “Spam”
  • you could be sending emails to spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains
  • most importantly: your marketing campaign won’t reach your subscribers

How can you verify if your email list is clean and safe to use? You can’t find that out yourself, but a good email validation system can do it for you in a matter of minutes.

What does a reliable email verifier do?

  • it removes invalid emails from your database. This prevents bounces that would otherwise affect your deliverability.
  • it weeds out spam traps from your list and email addresses that have a history of marking messages as “Spam”
  • it identifies domains known for abuse, spam and bot created emails
  • it adds missing data to your list, such as the name, location and gender of the email address’s owner

If you’re not convinced that you need an email checker, you can try one out for free and see the difference for yourself. ZeroBounce, for example, will verify 100 email addresses, at no charge, to give you the chance to see if it’s a good fit for you. You can register today and test the system, and in the future you may consider having your entire database verified. A clean email list will improve your deliverability, will help you keep a good sending reputation and achieve the email marketing success you’re dreaming of.