There are only a few things better than sporting rock hard abs – they are the perfect sign to show your hard work. Many people who want to achieve this try to do the Ab Ripper X exercises of P90X2. It doesn’t matter if you’re already familiar with the world of fitness and gyms or are just beginning to do it, the Ab Ripper X is definitely one of the most popular exercises. Now, we are about to show you what it exactly is and what to expect before you’d begin!

The Ab Ripper X: The Truth Behind The Killer Abs Exercise

#1 The Exercises of This Workout:

The Ab Ripper X exercises offer a wide variety of movements and techniques that will make your abs work hard. You can read about performing these exercises later in this article. Many people have noticed that it wasn’t even their abs that hurt after the first exercises but their hip flexors, which are the muscles responsible for pulling up your knees.

#2 The Pros And Cons of Ab Ripper X:

So let’s take a look at why this exercise is being so popular among many people. First of all, it contains over 300 moves which are going to get your abdominal muscles burning – even those you didn’t even know exist! The whole exercise lasts only 15 minutes and you only have to perform it 3 times a week with the P90X, although you need lots of motivation to do it after you’re done with your regular exercises. It is also one of the most challenging and hardest workouts, so beginners are likely to perform an overkill for their abs if they start with the Ab Ripper X right away. If you are way too tired to do it after your regular exercises, it could be done before your daily workout too. So, to sum it up:

Pro:- It can be done in the comfort of your home- It is a really hard workout which will show results if done properly- Only lasts 15 minutes

Con:- It is way too extreme for beginners and even intermediates- To achieve real results you must do the rest of the P90X too- For simply losing weight, it is an overkill

#3 What To Expect?

If you begin with this workout plan, the first things you can expect are pain and sore muscles. But if you do it correctly, alongside with the P90X and a good diet, your abs will begin to develop gradually. After a couple of weeks, the improvements should already show and after 90 days, your abs will be ripped.

#4 The Exercises:

– In and Outs: Sit on your mat and lift your legs in the air with an upright back. Pull your legs towards your chest slowly and then straighten them out again. If it’s too hard for the first time, you can put your hands down, to the ground.

Bicycles: In the same position as with the in and outs, move your legs in the way if you were riding a bicycle. This should be done for 25 seconds at least, and then reverse the direction.

– Crunchy Frog: Also in the same position and almost the same movement as in and outs. First, you need to move your legs close to your chest, then, fold your arms around them. After this, when you straighten your legs, you must also stretch your arms.

– Wide-Leg Sit-Up: Lie down and spread your legs out. Put your right hand under your head and sit up – once done, touch your right leg with your left hand. Lie back down and repeat with the opposite hand.

– Fifer Scissors: Lie down on your mat and lift both your legs up, hovering them above the ground. Then, lift one of your legs up to a 90-degree angle, hold it for a while, and lower it. Repeat with the opposite leg.

– Hip Rock ‘N Raise: As you lie with your back on the ground,, raise your legs while putting your soles together and your knees apart from each other. Then, roll backward to lift your hips above the ground while maintaining the same kind of posture with your legs.

– Pulse Up: Again, lie on your mat and have both of your legs pointing straight up at 90 degrees. Then, just like in the previous exercise, raise your hip then slowly lower them.

– V-Up Roll-Up: While lying on the ground, perform a sit-up and then touch your toes. While lying down, touch your toes again with your hands while holding your legs in the air. As you bring your legs down, hold your hands straight up in the air.

– Oblique V-Up: Lie on your mat on the side, while holding your legs in 45-degrees. Place your arm on the mat to stabilize yourself while holding the other one behind your head. While balancing yourself on your hips, bring your elbow down to your knees and your knees in front of the chest.

– Leg Climb: Lie on your mat with your left foot down and the right leg straight up. Then, “climb” up your own leg but use your abdominal muscles to raise yourself.

– Mason Twists: Sit with your feet hovering and your knees bent. Hold your hands in front of the belly and rotate your upper body from one side to the other, twisting your torso.

after you’ve read through all of this, you know the most important things there are to know about the Ab Ripper X. In case you are already familiar with such exercises and have a great stamina, I would definitely recommend it. It’s a killer exercise and that will get your abs ripped. However, if you’re just looking for a way to lose belly fat, you should first start with something easier and then move on to the P90X. In conclusion, if you do it right, you will hate this exercise because it will be hell to do it but you will also love it for the results you get!

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