I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes love watching As Seen on TV infomercials just to see what product is being sold. Most of the products being sold are probably great and handy items to have. But what about those products that you’ve seen and have made you go “HUH”. As Seen on TV has had some great items in their long history like Oxiclean or the Sham Wow sold buy Carol Wright Online Store. But what about those products that just didn’t quite hit the mark and were just plain bad. Well, here are my 5 wackiest As Seen on TV products ever.

The 6 Wackiest As Seen On TV Products Ever

The Better Marriage Blanket

When I first saw this commercial, I thought it was about better sleeping for couples. Maybe it was about a blanket that was just enough for the both of them without the fighting over the covers. Then the real truth came out.

The Better Marriage Blanket was about the battle of smell. Yes, this product was made to protect your loved one from the orders of bed farts. Apparently, there is some sort of war between the sexes over chemical bombing your husband or spouse while sleeping.

The Booty Pop

I actually thought this was some sort of joke after a friend sent a link to me regarding the Booty Pop. But sadly, it was a real product that would give you a bigger butt or booty. It was advertised for you to “go boney to booty in a flash”. One reviewer spoke about your issue with it and said that she bought it for booty but can away with a wedgy. Ouch is the word on that one.

The Potty Patch

This product was sold to owners of dogs who wanted to create a nice bathroom experience for Fido or Spot. If you weren’t able to get them to the outdoors, this product would bring a little bit of the outside indoors. I think that it would be so much easier just to make time and take your dog out for a walk.

Instant Arm Lift

I’m not sure but at some point while I was obviously out of touch, flabby underarms became a symbol of shame that needed to be lifted up and made slender once again. Or at least that was the selling point of the Instant Arm Lift. It was a clear patch designed to tape your arm flab down and give you a slender more youthful arm.

Uro Club

If you are a man who has difficulties holding the urge to go while play a round of golf, the Uro Club is just the product you need. It allows you to discretely pee into the golf club that has a hollow tube and then seal it back up and continue on your merry way. I wonder just how many men forget to tighten the cap before they yelled “Fore” and let one fly down the greens.


For the budget minded owner of a cat, you can go out and purchase the Citikitty. This product was sold as a way of training your cat to use your toilet to go to the bathroom. You would insert a plastic item into your toilet bowl, cover it with cat litter and let your cat train for using your toilet. I wonder if the cat eventually learned to flush too.

Now I am not knocking As Seen on TV and the hundreds of fine products that sell. There is a reason why they are the biggest and most successful direct mass marketing corporation. I really wanted to show you few products that made me wonder if there really is a sucker born every minute.