When it comes to running any kind of online business, online reputation takes precedence over many other factors. Similar to how the slightest mishap might cause a startup company to fall into a downward spiral, the same thing can be said for just about any bad PR move in social media, or perhaps a bad reaction to negative criticism. The Internet can be surprisingly quick to support, but is just as quick to turn on a business that shows a lack of professionalism and class. Considering how crucial it is to deal with online reputation management (ORM), many companies are turning to search engine optimization (SEO) with the Indianapolis SEO companies to help boost their budding companies to marketing success.

Just about every business in any competitive industry will be wasting potential if they do not make use of a quality SEO company to help deal with digital marketing matters. While it might be entirely possible to work on a digital marketing campaign without professional help, the lack of the SEO experts will only result in problems down the line.

That said, it would be a good idea to be as thorough as possible when choosing an SEO company to use. From how well they work with the company’s departments to their communication skills, a bit of preparation goes a long way. It would also be a good idea to inquire about the SEO tools they are using to conduct business. Here the top five SEO tools your SEO company must use in 2021 and beyond.

Gaining insight with SEMRush

When the topic of the most popular SEO programs pops up within the search engine optimization community, few tools are held with as high a regard as SEMRush. It is considered one of the best for the same reason that Google Analytics is considered one of the best tools available — as it provides insight into the current business landscape when it comes to website matters. Search data and traffic are all fantastic parts of analytics that a business owner can find with SEMRush, but it is the ability to search up the analytics of other competitors compared to the primary website that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Full website optimization with Moz Pro

One of the reasons why SEMRush is so highly regarded is that it can provide plenty of insight when it comes to how a website is doing. In the same vein, Moz Pro is all about providing solutions to some of the questions that might pop up while gathering data for a website. The idea of full optimization is possible with Moz Pro, and it is the reason why the top SEO companies make regular use of such a tool. Considering that how a website is viewed is undoubtedly crucial due to many of the events in 2021 — including the recent pandemic — the online reputation matters more than ever before, which means tools such as Moz Pro can provide essential solutions.

Understanding keywords with WooRank

An SEO company would not be able to function properly if it did not have some means of tracking the relevance of keywords and all sorts of marketing data. The idea of utilizing WooRank involves getting a much bigger picture when it comes to overall marketing data. In a lot of ways, it is similar to the information one might get with a pay-per-click (PPC) account, as it provides information on the keywords that online shoppers are using to find the primary website. In WooRank, it is about relevant marketing data not just of the company, but of the competitors, by tracking the keywords they utilize the most. WooRank can also find various discrepancies within the website, such as security issues, duplicate content, and more.

A focus on duplicate content with SiteLiner

As stated above, WooRank has the capability of finding duplicate content on a website, but it is more of an extra feature than a primary focus. For just about all of the best Indianapolis SEO companies, it is crucial to have a focused tool for just about every aspect, which is where SiteLiner comes in. The tool is utilized to figure out duplicate content, the average speed and size of most pages, security issues and more. It is also quite useful at comparing the average page speed between the primary website and those of competitors that use the same tool.

Maintaining quality in every aspect Serpstat

Many of the tools mentioned above are all about tackling a single focus while simultaneously having other features that can help with many different aspects of SEO solutions. It is crucial for any SEO company to have a variety of tools to deal with different situations, though Serpstat tends to serve as an all-in-one application when it comes to SEO in general.

While Serpstat is most well-known for having just about every feature an SEO company might need to get started, it also has the highly lauded missing keywords feature, where it searches for all the most important keywords used by competitors consistently ranking in the top search engines that the business owner is yet to utilize. Having such a useful all-in-one tool is excellent, especially for those who are fine-tuning their marketing strategy. It offers something akin to a control group compared to all the other apps that go for a specific feature over everything else.

The best part about maintaining quality SEO solutions is that the list above is only a small number of the most popular apps available. For example, it does not delve into Google’s many different SEO tools, which the top Indianapolis SEO companies are bound to use. That said, the list above is indicative of a company that takes its craft seriously. It is not always just about making use of Google tools to help boost rankings in Google search. There are plenty of other tools out there that can get the job done, and finding the best possible SEO company for the business is made much easier by asking them about the different tools they use to boost a company’s brand recognition.