Dieting can be hard. It’s no secret. Finding the plan which suits you and your body can be difficult enough. Committing to that plan and sticking to it is another matter entirely.

While some more extreme diets work for some people, they may not work for others. But just because one particular scheme doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean you should give up. Although it can be disheartening when you’ve tried one method and run into a wall, there are a number of other diet ideas you can try.

Whichever diet you’re on, it’s important to keep some principles in mind. Here are some basic but essential ideas to keep in mind when you’re trying to lose weight:

Eat the Foods Which Can Help You Lose Weight

When it comes to food choices, use everything you can to your advantage to help your weight loss along. Eat the foods which make you feel fuller for longer, such as nuts, and high-fibre foods such as beans. When you start the day, ensure you get a good, high-protein breakfast inside you, so that you don’t find yourself snacking in-between meals later on.

Be Aware That Help is Available

If you think your weight may be affecting your health, there are people who can help. Talk to your doctor, and they may be able to suggest a weight loss treatment programme, including, if necessary, prescription medication to help you. They may also be able to refer you to a dietician if you need help managing and keeping track of your food choices.

Exercise Can Help the Process Along

Eating the right foods in the right amounts is just one side of the story. If you want to see results sooner, then try doing some light exercise as well. You don’t need to hit the gym hard right away, particularly if you’re returning to exercise after a long period off. Ease yourself in with some cardio, such as swimming or running, and gradually increase your exercise capacity.

Timing Can Make a Lot of Difference

It’s easy to undo a lot of the good you’ve done by eating at the wrong times. Fatty meals late at night are harder for the body to burn off, so try your best to stay clear of those. Remember that it’s always better to eat little and often, as opposed to one or two large meals a day.

Know When You’ve Had Enough

Adopting the right attitude to food is a big part of the fight. Instead of eating until your plate is clear, or until you feel you can’t eat anymore, isn’t good for you. It’s important to eat the amount which is right for your body, and not let your intake be dictated by portion sizes determined by others. Eat until you’re nicely full, and know when to stop.

You can help yourself do this by managing your own portion sizes when cooking at home, and by making batches of food which can be stored in the fridge and warmed up at a later date.

This article is written by Richard who works for Express Doctor, a UK based online provider of prescription medication. In his free time, Richard loves to visit Europe with his partner.