The 3 Easiest Ways To Generate Extra Income This Year

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If you are like most of the people around the world, you could use an extra hundred – thousand dollars per month.  Most people’s problem though is, they lack a precious element that’s called time.

Sure, they can search and find many methods that can be used to generate an extra income from the internet but how much time will they need to spend to master that method, and actually make them some money.

In this post I have gathered five easy methods that will help you make some extra cash online to supplement your income. These methods can be used when doing other things, such as watching tv, cooking or having coffee at a café.

  1. Watching Advertisements

This is probably the easiest method of earning money on the internet. You just sit on your couch with your tablet in hand and you watch advertisements for a fixed amount of time (usually from 5 to 30 seconds) to earn a small amount of money in your account. You can do this while waiting for your favorite show to begin, during cooking or while waiting a friend of yours.  Invite your friends to do the same and earn from their activities as well.  For a complete list with best websites to watch advertisements, check )

  1. Social Media

Yeah, I know what you are thinking right now and no, it’s not Facebook, twitter or Pinterest. Is a new social network, called tsu. Tsu, looks like Facebook and shares 90% of its advertising revenue with members who create original content such as selfies, memes, posts, articles etc. So, instead of using Facebook to socialize, use tsu, and make money at the same time. The only problem is, you need to be invited by someone who is already a member in order to join. You can join by using my name if you want: @Pavlos2015

  1. Leave your computer powered

Ok, this method must be the laziest of them all. There is a website called, that pays you real money for leaving your computer turned on while a small unobtrusive program runs on your computer. What these people essentially do is, they use your computers power to mine cryptocurrencies. So the stronger your computer is the more money you will make, passive, without lifting a finger.

These had to be the laziest methods of earning an extra income online I can think of. If you know some other lazy methods yourself, write them in the comments section below. Also, if you feel that this article is worth sharing, then please do so.. It means a lot to me.

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