For several years now, Andrew Argue, CPA, has worked with accountants who wished to transition from being employees to owning a successful accounting business. By working accountants and through his own experiences as a young entrepreneur, Argue has identified the number one problem facing accountants who are transitioning into their own business: the lack of marketing know-how that is necessary to promote their work.

What’s Missing?: Marketing your own business involves a variety of skills, including setting fair prices for your own work. Once you have a price model, you’ll need to get the word out about your new company and pitch your skills to potential buyers. Having a good pitch that is heard by the right people is key to obtaining high quality clients.

Why Does This Happen?: Most accountants simply are not taught marketing because in the past, they did not need to have these skills. Many universities still structure their Accounting majors with a focus on different types of accounting, and maybe business management with the expectation that students will be hired by major firms. This very problem is mentioned in more than one review of Andrew Argue by his students.

How Argue Can Help: Andrew Argue knows what does and does not work in the business world when it comes to successfully marketing your business. Many Andrew Argue reviews praise Argue for his ability to communicate key marketing and price setting skills to his students. You’ll also find more than one Andrew Argue YouTube reviews where former students thank Argue for helping them know the value of their work.

If you are an accountant who wants to start your own practice, Argue is a great resource for business and marketing strategies and tips.