Telemarketing Services: The Extended Arm of Conventional Marketing

If you will happen to ask any business owner what is that one thing that his business requires to grow, the probability is quite high that his answer would be a strong brand image and an incessant supply of qualified leads that can be easily converted into business.

Businesses don’t shy away from spending exuberant amount of time and money to rope in marketing experts, who would help them understand the upcoming market trends, formulate efficient business and marketing strategies and implement them effectively. To help their offerings gain better visibility in market, they broadcast over different mediums like televisions, telephones, radios, newspapers and even magazines. In today’s digital age, they promote their products and offerings over different social media platforms. Out of all of these mediums of advertisement, telephone remains the favorite of many business organisations. This is because telephones enables two callers to hear the voice of each other and pick up the elevation and depth in the tone of the person on the other side of the phone, which helps him decipher whether the caller is genuinely interested in hearing about the offering or is getting frustrated. It is the only medium which allows the tele-caller and consumer to interact freely. This is the reason why in this modern age of digitalisation and social media, a number of business organisations are focusing on making their telemarketing services effective.

There is no denial to the fact that marketing is considered as one of the crucial segment of business organisations. Though, telemarketing falls under the domain of marketing it is often outsourced to service providers that are adept at identifying target audience, reaching them and promoting the offerings of a particular business. One of the main reasons of availing outsourced telemarketing services is that not all organisations can afford to set up a facility that has all the latest equipment that enables tele-callers to perform their job efficiently. Also, not all organisations can afford to hire employees specially for performing telemarketing.

Telemarketing is not only restricted to calling people to get them acquainted with the business offerings of a particular business but, it also covers the domain of lead generation and appointment setting. Lead generation and appointment setting are two services that falls under the umbrella of telemarketing services. While tele-callers assigned the task of marketing make a brand image of the business amongst a targeted audience, those who are assigned the task of lead generation create a spark of interest regarding the business offerings in prospective customers. As a customer becomes interested to know more about the company and its offerings, tele-callers not only provide them with accurate information; they also (at backhand) qualify the lead thus generated on the basis of whether the person is genuinely interested in making the purchase or not. Once it is confirmed that the lead can be converted into business, they provide all related information to sales representative of the company and set up an appointment between the sales rep. and prospect. From there on, the sales rep. takes the charge of conversion and convinces the prospect to make purchase. Once the prospect makes the purchase the lead finally gets converted into business, completing the entire cycle of telemarketing process. After all the main aim of handling marketing in-house or availing outsourced telemarketing services is to promote products so as to more and more people get acquainted to the brand and make purchases, which would ultimately boost sales numbers and revenues. 

Organisations that outsource their telemarketing function not only save money by reducing their overhead expenses and operational costs, but also gain access to services of professional who are specially trained to perform marketing function on behalf of a particular business.

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