The domain of technology is huge, with many branches and sub branches. As it dominates every aspect of modern life, the range of its influence differs from one individual to another. Those who accept and embrace this new part and parcel of life, enjoy its every benefits. Those who however, seize to move with time, fail to appreciate how technology has made life easy. The latter ones are anyways less in number.

Technology’s Gift To Creative Minds - Graphic Designing

Accepting technology and adapting every mode of it takes time. Easy when understood and advantageous when used, its all branches coherently manage every functions of daily life. To set an example, the life of every man is nowadays incomplete without a smartphone, internet connection, air conditioners, television and more. What people often miss to notice are those modes of technology that are minor things to common eye. Nonetheless, all major and minor products of technology are equally important.

Graphic designing is one family in the technological world, which is present throughout. From the minute the eyes open, and set upon clocks, to the tags on the clothes, signage on street, visiting cards of companies, clipart in applications and much more makes up this family. A more interesting fact is the growing craze amongst people; especially youngsters like Grace Jackson Georgia take up graphic designing as a career. It is for the love of creating something new in unity with obsession for technology.

But why Graphic Designing?

A common question every aspiring graphic student has to answer. This idea has an intense idea behind it. Graphic designing is about communicating, with the use of lines, curves, shapes, colors and symbols. A billboard on street is full of colors and images, made to instantly grab the audience’s attention and deliver a message through it. An individual would spent not more than 2-5 minutes in observing it and then move away. Hence, the designer spends hours to create that which others would look upon for few minutes. This is one out of many tasks where a graphic artist has to think and produce creative ideas.

Why to Take up this Career Path?

Some individuals end up taking wrong decisions for career, when money blinds them. Do the course that gives you money and success. Following this mantra would prove to be the worst mistake of life. Rather choose that which make you happy, that which you would enjoy, and you are bound to succeed then. Grace Jackson Georgia follows her heart, and has done so in taking up graphic designing for the sheer love for technology. Besides interning for a start-up company, doing part time job at a coffee shop, she dreams to land up a job in large tech related company. This Portland resident dares to dream big, and so should everybody.

Learn graphic designing for the sake of exploring this vast family, and to explore your own creative side. Every career path is difficult to follow when one lacks the will to follow it. Love what you do and do what you love, as many people quote it, is absolutely true.

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