Tech Trends Of 2017!

Tech Trends Of 2017!

2017 has been the year for technological developments. With the launch of groundbreaking phones with almost no bezels and pushing the boundaries of mobile camera systems with new advancements, the tech industry has had another year of resounding success. The personal computer space keeps on growing by leaps and bounds with improvements coming in both the power and performance departments. However, the credit for such tremendous hardware should also go to the software powering them.

The tech trends this year have ranged from realizing the immense potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the widespread acceptance of growing trends like cloud computing and cybersecurity. Various different digital departments, including blockchains and electronic data management systems, have all received an overhaul that made them accessible this year and ensures that they were future ready.

Internet Accessibility

Remember the first time you logged on to the internet? Having a digital interface to access any kind of information in seconds was something that felt like it was years ahead of its time. The internet started getting included in a lot of different gadgets over the years and 2017 has just added to that list. Cars with internet connectivity and software updates have become common along with home speakers that come bundled up with digital assistants. So now you can look at your document management needs on the go and tell your house to play your favorite artist anytime, anywhere!


The biggest tech term of this year has to be cryptocurrency. The different types of currencies that have flooded the internet have become either a good place to invest in stock or just to ease internet payments without the hassle of using your credit card. Blockchains are the ledgers that are used for cryptocurrency and their efficiency has been the biggest part of any cryptocurrency’s success. Everything from payments and contracts to cloud computing and real estate has benefited from the use of blockchain methods, paving a way for more developments in the future.

Widespread Cloud Adoption

Cloud computing has been around for a quite some time now, but 2017 is where it actually has become an inseparable part of our lives. Blockchains itself is a derivative of cloud computing and the rising popularity of photo and document clients have ensured unlimited storage and lightning fast data transfer. Cloud computing, therefore, is here to stay and has the potential to be the next biggest revolution after the internet.


With great power comes great responsibility, and this quote could not be truer in case of the internet. The exponential rise of the cyber world has brought a few demons along with it. This is why 2017 has been a landmark year when it comes to cybersecurity. Big conglomerates and companies have struggled to keep their company secrets intact but the success of cryptocurrency without any privacy breaches yet has given a lot of people hope that the internet community can still have a decent amount of privacy.

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