Tanoto- A Businessman and Also A Philanthropist

Tanoto- A Businessman and Also A Philanthropist

Biography is a thorough account or depiction of anyone’s life, which includes more than the mere fundamental information. However, this account is more about the knowledge that led him to the final achievement.

Here, we will discuss the life history of Tanoto to know about the various affairs of his life- as an industrialist, social activist or as a father,

Personal Details

Sukanto Tanoto lives in Singapore together with his wife Tinah Bingei Tanoto and also his four kids. His children create a very talented second generation, acquiring personal assistance from their father about how to operate a company. Completing graduation from The Wharton School of the University in Pennsylvania, the experience they get in school will harmonize their practical knowledge at work, making a very firm foundation to their prospective business.

Unlike his kids, Sukanto did not get a smooth going days in childhood. In reality, he did not have an appropriate education that trained him about business abilities and even English language. It is awful that these life situations did not prevent young Tanoto from his aims and dreams, but instead, urged him even more to do well.

Business Life

An entrepreneur, creative thinker and manufacturer of a lot of businesses in Indonesia, Tanoto is the creator and Chairman of  Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), a global team of resource based corporations. He set up RGE in 1973. He started RGM for the plywood business, converting Indonesia from the supplier of raw materials to a processor. Sukanto began his business area in 1971 with the forestry trade and then expanded other segments after creating Raja Garuda Mas Plywood. Sukanto had control over other natural products in Aceh.

The RGE group contains a team of first rate companies, more than US$15 billion in property value and an overall workforce of almost 50,000 people in the whole world. Under the management of Sukanto, this team has grown from poor beginning in Medan to the global stage. In the present day, RGE business is powerful in SE Asia, India as well as Brazil and many more countries, where most of the world’s inhabitants reside.


Sukanto Tanoto is even the co-founder of Foundation named ‘Tanoto’ with Tinah, his wife, taking care of the neighboring communities they run in. With the organization, they have provided many scholarships to allow needy students to obtain quality education that alter their entire lives. In spite of the innumerable continuing trade activities that appear to fill Sukanto’s schedule, he in no way fail to relax some time to spread his knowledge with these scholars. Besides, there are numerous activities particularly made for these scholars for example a meeting session. He will utilize these valuable moments to convey some significant worth to the scholars and to recognize every student’s life individually, making out their ambitions and dreams. He is also involved in a wide variety of social activities through his business and foundations. These plans comprise school erection in very remote regions, offer modern teaching tools and facilities, construct libraries, arrange vocational teachers for local villagers, supply medical services and also other financial assistance. When his businesses improve, they also try to encourage socio-economic affluence in the neighboring communities for the welfare of the people.

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