Taking Fathers’ Day Gifts to the Next Level

Fathers’ Day is a day that many of us approach with apprehension. Only a few of us know exactly what to get for our dads. The majority of us do not know exactly what to get. We all know that our dads are tired of getting the same shirt or the card for fathers’ day. If you have realized this, and if you want to break the trend, here are some gift ideas for fathers’ day.


This is something that most of us would ever think. Have you ever considered thanking your dads for what they do and what they are to you? The answer would obviously be a resounding ‘yes’ in most cases. How do we let him know it? For this question, there will be pretty mixed answers. Some of you may tell him in actual words and others may show it with their actions. How about giving him a ‘best dad’ award? Where would you get such awards? Well not to worry. There are companies who customize such awards according to your requirement. Simply type “custom trophies Australia” to find a company in your area. Once you find such a company, go over, choose the right trophy and let them know what to inscribe on it. Once done, you have a customized trophy made just for your dad.

A spa day

This is something that many would tick off saying it’s not’manly’ enough. Sending your dad to a spa is not girlish at all. In fact, it has been shown on surveys that many men love to be pampered. While it is true that your dad may not enjoy a spa treatment where you lie around with cucumber slices on your eyes while a pedicurist paints your toenails, he may enjoy a spa where they provide therapeutic massages and scrubs. There are many men’s spas all over Australia and they are gaining quite a bit of popularity. They offer many treatments, especially for men, such as deep pore cleansing facials, beard trims, fish pedicures, deep knot loosening massages and many more. Look up some close to your area and obtain spa vouchers from them. This will be one of those fathers’ day gifts that your dad will never forget.

A cookbook

Many of us would wonder whether this is meant to be for the ‘best mothers’ day gifts’ article. Well, it certainly is not. Many of our fathers either do not cook, or know everything there is to know about cooking the food they like. Considering that meat is a popular food item cooked by men, a cookbook on how to cook perfect steaks or spare ribs will make your dad a really happy person. When choosing a cookbook, make sure that you choose one where the recipes are simple and do not require too much fuss and finesse. Too much fuss and finesse will only put a man off cooking, unless he is really passionate about it. So if your dad is just an average dad, who is territorial about the barbeque grill, just stick to a simple cookbook on cooking meat. You will most probably find such books at your local bookstore. If not, there is a large collection of such books online as well.

An adventure holiday

Men love adventure by nature and your dad is no exception. So instead of just stopping at giving him a card for fathers’ day, why not give him a couple of tickets to a place where he can get his quota of adventure? Adventure would mean different things to different dads. While some dads will consider going to the local amusement park to be an adventure, others would consider a rock climbing trip to be adventurous. So when picking an adventure holiday to entertain your dad, take into consideration what he considers as adventure. Most dads would love to go camping, trout fishing, cycling, rock climbing or bungee jumping.

Drinking accessories

Drinking and dads literally go hand in hand. Many of us have simply bought a good bottle of wine or whiskey for fathers’ day. However, has anyone ever thought about giving our dads beer mugs? Shot glasses? Cocktail shakers? A keg? A cooler? A corkscrew? Drinking accessories are not only uncommon, but are essential. Your dad will most definitely love it and would use them for years to come. What’s more? Every time he uses them, he will think of you fondly!

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