T1 Internet Services and Its Benefits

T1 Internet Services and Its Benefits

Taking a decision to which internet service is going to be the best for your business seems to be a tricky task. Understanding your need and requirement is the first step towards choosing the right internet service provider. Cable Internet and T1 are the most used services these days.

Both of the ways are used for delivering a good internet supply, but the technologies used by each of them makes them different from each other. Before choosing one amongst the two, it is important to have an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages that make it the one to choose.

What is T1?

T1 lines are the circuits that operate on fiber optic or copper cable. A T1 cable is equipped with 24 cables that are plugged into the router. Each channel can deliver a speed of 64kbs. This explains that a T1 cable can deliver a speed of 1.5 Mbps both upload and download. A T3 cable is even faster than T1 capable of delivering a speed of 43 megabits per second.

There are a lot of benefits of using a T1 cable over other conventional systems, some of them are:

One thing you should know before choosing any other internet service is that a T1 line is capable of carrying 50 times the data carried by a conventional modem. Nothing disrupts the service of T1. If a T1 cable is down, it won’t affect the performance of other T1 cables as the circuit of only the non-working cable is turned off. If you have a business that depends too much on the internet and its connectivity, T1 is a good choice.

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