Geography – Some Statistics

Barbados is one vacation destination that is a nice escape for couples and families, no matter when you plan a scheduled trip. The island, which is situated in the Atlantic, is around 483 km or 300 miles north of Venezuela, and is approximately 20 miles x 14 miles (33 km x 23 km) wide.

Swim With Sea Turtles On A Barbados Vacation

Narrow coastal plains and pristine beaches make up the majority of the landscape. The island’s highest point is in the north-central section of the isle. Called Mount Hillaby, the incline is 1,105 feet or 337 m high.

History of the Island

The island was once thought to have been home of the Arawak Indians. However, by the time explorers from Europe discovered the island, no one lived on the small land mass. While the Portuguese first set foot on the isle, the British colonized the island in 1627. Salves were used to work sugar plantations during the 1600s but the practice was abolished in 1834. The island was granted independence by Britain in November 1966.

A Popular Vacation Destination

Today, Barbados is a popular vacation destination, making the tourist enclave one of the top vacation spots in the Caribbean. It takes UK residents around 8 hours to fly to the island while U.S. citizens can get away from the ice and snow in winter in about half that amount of time. Therefore, if you are seeking a Barbados getaway, you can be enjoying a balmy warm breeze and magnificent exotic scenery in a very short time. So enchanted are visitors that they routinely use an expert such as in order to secure a home from home here.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Not only do island visitors enjoy a warm yet temperate climate, they can participate in many interesting activities when visiting the tropical paradise. When planning an itinerary for a Barbados vacation, swimming with sea turtle trips are among the most memorable. Whether you are a part of a couple or you are planning to vacation with your family, you will find the activity a one-of-a-kind experience.

Swimming with sea turtles is indeed one activity that is exclusive to Barbados as the waters of the island serve as residences for leatherback and hawksbill turtles, most of which can be seen feeding along the island’s western shores. The calm and peaceful waters invite visitors to dive, snorkel and swim with the marine animals, especially between February and October.

Sign Up for a Tour – Schedule an Itinerary

The best way to participate in the activity is by signing up for one of the sea turtle tours in Barbados. Guests are jetted out from the shore with a power cat or luxury cat on the excursions. The tour vessels are equipped with snorkeling equipment and life vests for the visitors’ safety