Sweets That Leave Everyone Craving For More!

Sweets That Leave Everyone Craving For More!

There are sweets that make everyone feel delighted and pleasurable right? Have you ever tried sweets of different cuisines, areas and zones? If not then go ahead and try them out. You will be amazed by the flavours, richness and diversity that is available in sweets.

Have you ever tried south Indian sweets? Do you think you are going to get extensiveness therein? Well, there are plenty of mittais in south Indian cuisine. You can relish different mittais and desserts like Thaen mittai, Payasam, Mysore Pak and many more. So, just have a look at some of them in brief below:

Mysore Pak

It is a sweet that is made up of generous sums of sugar, ghee, gram flour and fragrant cardamom. It is indeed tough to resist another piece of this sweet. You know what, it is considered as the regal sweet. Even in this present era, Mysore Pak is taken as the ‘king’ of sweets in South. This sweet makes place in every festival, different occasion and in the times of celebrations too!


Talking about Payasam, it isthe dessert that is relished in the South regardless of culture and age. Milk treat is made during all the special and auspicious occasions.  It has been believed that this term is derived from peeyusham that means ambrosia or nectar. Payasam is also Sanskrit word used for milk. In places like Tamil Nadu, it is served during most of the festivals. If you talk about the ingredients of this conventional sweet; it encompasses jaggery along with coconut milk over sugar and also dairy milk. People also add carrots, pineapple and mango in this dish!


It is a famous South Indian sweet dumpling that is made up of rice flour. It is usually filled with a filling of jaggery and grated coconut. This sweet is somewhat similar to modak that is prepared in different areas of India. This sweet is normally eaten in breakfast or as a light snack along with tea.  In a place like Tamil Nadu, this eatable is conventionally linked with God Ganesha. It is prepared in a generous supply as an offering on the event of VinayakaChathurthi. If you want, you can add as many dry fruits in them as you like. Such richness will bring crunchiness and delight in this sweet.


It is a rich protein treat that is assumed to have stemmed from district of Tirunelveli.  This dish is prepared from roasted gram dal and chutney dal.  One can prepare it in within a span of fifteen to twenty minutes. This delicious eatable can be ready in using just less than six ingredients. These ladoos effortlessly ‘melt in mouth and give a great competition to other ladoos and mittais.

Thaen Sweet

Thaen means honey and Mittai is sweet. But this delicious sweet is not prepared of honey. These are called because this sweet is as sweet as honey. These sweet candies are relished by people of all age groups!

So, you have just walked through a few of the sweets of South India.  When there is so much plethora and richness in just one cuisine; just imagine how it would be when you munch on sweets and mittais of different areas of India!

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