Sustainable Strategy For Home Addition Project

Obviously, you can outgrow the current house or overtime your desires and needs may alter. Moving into a new large home is the simplest option, but will not be feasible for many. If there is space then adding a room can be more affordable and sustainable instead of starting with blank slate.

Determine Family Needs

If you are determined to have the current outdoor space included in the house then decide its purpose. For example, do you need the additional room for enlarging the kitchen, work area, storage, bedroom, or den? In addition, check the local home addition building codes in your area.

If every room in the house is small then a single room addition will not reduce the feeling and you will need to plan a large scale renovation project to transform overall interior layout. If, you need a room for specific purpose then addition can fulfill your family needs.

Plan a Budget

You have saved some money or are planning to take a loan for this home addition project. In both cases, budget planning is vital. A concrete figure is needed, before starting. In addition, if you desire to sell it then consider how addition will affect homes resale value. To learn more about home addition budget planning visit

Hire Professional Contractors

You may desire to fulfill your home addition goal using sustainable methods. Therefore search for green contractors and architectures that support sustainable construction projects.

Hire an Architect

Consider hiring accredited architect for home addition design guidance. It is a wise decision, especially if your house is historically significant or if the addition is a highly visible segment of the house. Professional architect helps to blend new and existing portion seamlessly. The final new look will be totally unique and appealing. The potential architect will also recommend latest eco-friendly constructing materials.

Green and Sustainable Building Principles

Enhance the ENTIRE House

Besides enhancing your family’s life quality, home addition success also depends on how it blends with the ENTIRE home environment. It is very crucial that the home addition does not overload the current home’s system.

Fortunately, if the new space is designed with energy-efficiency in mind then there will be no issue. You can grab this opportunity of improving the energy efficiency of the whole house.

Growing families are always in need of space like extra bathroom to fulfill conflicting schedules or master bedroom for aging family member or family room for sharing or attic additions for recreation and storage.

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