What many are not aware of the fact is that shampooing repeatedly is likely to cause scalp buildup with time, something that needs to be avoided. A fuller, shinier and healthier hair could be derived only using the best sulfate free shampoo list that is available in the market. The reason is because, they are made of natural ingredients and devoid of harmful substances like the SLS, in short for sodium lauryl sulfate. Typically, it does also not contain other types of chemicals like DEA or triclosan, etc.

Why use Non sulfate shampoo for African American hair?

Shampoo without sulfate  typically is regarded to be a common ingredient that is used in shampoos, since it is able to cause foaming, which people presume to clean well. But, if the person has suffered from eczema, any particular skin condition or an itchy scalp, then these shampoos could simply cause havoc for the hair, something that no one would desire. Chemicals such as sulfate could increase dandruff, while irritating the scalp. Such shampoos also could help cleanse the hair gently, effectively and safely. Apart from this, sulfate free dandruff shampoo alleviates skin rashes, flaky skin and dandruff as well as itchiness on scalp. Going through the sulfate free shampoo list for black hair can help to know more.

SLS  free shampoo reviews

For the sulfate shampoo to work effectively and produce the desired results, the person also needs to make use of the right conditioner, which also needs to be organic in nature. These days, there are different types of deep conditioners that are sold in the market which are considered as 100% organic. Going through their labels thoroughly and carefully can help the person to take a wise decision. Such conditioners are stated to contain no sulfates, parabens, estrogen mimics or SLS. These conditioners are sure to clean and treat the hair safely and efficiently. Moreover, the variety of scents that are found in the market to be used with the sulfate free shampoo is sure to spoil the person for choice. One can select lavender, geranium, lemongrass, clary sage, citrus, oakmoss and others. The choice is simply endless. Also one can choose a matching scented shampoo to refresh the scalp and to enjoy healthy, silky and smooth hair.

Most of the latest hair conditioners have aloe vera as an ingredient in them, which is combined along with some special silk proteins. It assists in creating hair which is shiny, clean and moisturized combined with an assurance of not possessing any chemicals in it.

Herbal based sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo list

It is always wise to use herbal based shampoo without sulfate  like Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo, Be Mine Moisturizing Shampoo, Curls Curlicious Cleansing Cream, while opting for organic, holistic approach for caring the hair. Many modern shampoos are stated to be certified vegan and tend to contain just organic ingredients, which are devoid of animal cruelty or testing, comprising of non-GMO ingredients. Rather, these shampoos are stated to be free from sulfates, parabens and silicone, hereby being a fabulous choice for those searching to make use of organic alternatives for hair care.

Conclusion: People, both men and women should immediately stop using those shampoos containing harmful chemicals in them and make use of SLS free shampoos.