When identifying the best workers compensation care, it is necessary to seek out the best quality physicians that will honor workers compensation claims.  Qualified physicians should have the ability to provide every day type of checkups as well as highly specialized care for specific injuries.  Not all doctors are created equal.  Many are quick to write a prescription for medication and send patients on their way.

When it comes to the health of your employees you want to make sure they are receiving attentive care that will help to alleviate their injuries or sickness.  Finding top notch facilities that have updated medical equipment and processing is just as important as the physician.  When seeking out workers compensation there are several key elements to pay attention to in deciding which plan is right for you.

Background Information

First check up on the background of the compensation plan and those that are in the network.  Studies have shown that patients receiving treatment personally will get better ongoing attention than those seeking it through a workers compensation claim.  This is due to the lack of organization and commitment to all of the steak holders in this situation.

This may include the doctors, workers, employer, insurance companies, healthcare providers, labor unions, lawmakers, and others.  The first step is to ensure that the physician and facility where the individual will be treated will honor workers compensation claims and treat them without bias.

Scouting Physicians

Something else to pay close attention to is the type of care that is provided.  Just loading a person up with treatments and medicines which may be unnecessary is just as bad as not giving them enough or the proper treatment.  Some doctors are better at diagnosis than others, while some doctors may excel at diagnosis but are poor at resolving that issue with the proper treatment.

When a worker has been injured on the job it is important to get them back to their full health as quickly and efficiently as possible without having the risk of future injury.  Requiring a person to undergo extensive treatments and frequent office visits may not be the answer to the problem either.  You want to find well rounded doctors that produce results and healthy patients.

Diligent Research

Characteristics to look for in physicians may be accessibility, the proper credentials, and relevant work experience.  This can be foreshadowed by the types of tests they run, what drugs they prescribe, and the number of healthy patients that they have turned over.  It is important that all parties are satisfied to keep an equal balance of responsibility and positive outcome for injured personnel.

Identify the potential candidates, check your criteria amongst them, learn about the physician’s practice and outcome data, and look into long term planning for the future.  Long term planning is important because you don’t want to just have a temporary solution and bounce around a network of doctors.  This makes your company unstable and loses the trust of your employees.  Find a good practice and run with it after you have done your diligence in scouting them out.

Eduardo Dieguez is a 1st generation American born Cuban that is currently in pursuit of his AA Degree at Valencia. An avid computer enthusiast, Eduardo spends countless hours tinkering with electronics both new and old. When not working with electronics, he writes content for WorkFlow Employer Services.