We have been visiting a lot of websites and we are able to see some of the big mistakes that annoy us. It means that we should be able to give our website a boost by avoiding these mistakes. As an example, title is an essential component of our website and it should be placed properly on the website. As an example, if consumers add bookmarks for our website, they are able to read titles properly. In addition, these titles are shown on the search engine results. In this case, title and headlines should correlate well with one another. In many cases, websites could also use the same headlines and titles.

It is important to make sure that every webpage is given unique heading and title, based on its content. Often, they are the long-tail keyphrases of our main headlines and titles; but they could also be different. As an example, people won’t be looking for our company name. However, people could recognize our products better and they should be mentioned in the title and heading. We should read each page from the perspective of our visitors. In many cases, this simple task can be quite an eye-opener. By doing little changes, we should be able to see impacts through increased traffic and sales.

We may print our more essential pages and examine them using brightly-colored highlighter. We should review them regularly and see them from different perspective, especially from the point of view of people who lack the technological knowledge. We need to go over things that we add on our website. We should be aware that regular visitors don’t care about our vision and mission statement. We should know what we can do to allow consumers experience our website better. People should understand our website properly, regardless of their education. Instead of speaking about features, we should concentrate more about benefits that they would get.

In this case, we need to know how to use the benefit-driven language and we need to keep asking questions on how we can get more benefits. As an example, our website should be available 24/7. It means that our website should be fully operating even at 2AM during the holiday season. Regardless of where we operate the website, we should make sure that we could provide consumers with enough information. It is important to repeat the whole process until we could make sure that visitors are getting proper benefits. Messages should be expressed clearly on the webpage. It is important that we can capture interest from consumers that they are willing to provide more information like email address and name.

Contact information shouldn’t only be placed on specific section of the website, but at all webpages. As an example, we could put company name, physical address, phone number, fax and email on the footer that can be displayed on all pages. It is a bad thing if people are interested to buy from us, but they are frustrated and can’t get in touch with our company. We should be kind to our prospective buyers and put information properly.