While purchasing wheels for any vehicle, buyers have a choice between alloy and steel. Though alloy wheels are light weighted, they don’t have enough durability and strength to compete steel wheel. Though alloy wheels are a choice for car manufacturers, car enthusiasts give preference to steel wheels because of their strength and reduced cost.

Steel wheels are bulky than alloy ones, having about three times weight as much as alloy ones have, making them a great option for buyers looking to save money while replacing their car’s wheel. The heavier weight of steel wheels lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, which is, however not good for people who are inclined to a vehicle with acceleration and agility. On positive side, however, extra weight makes vehicle more controllable in winter circumstances like freezing rain, ice or snow. You can check steel wheels offered by Road Ready Wheels.

Some Points Related to Steel Wheels

Before making any purchase of steel wheels, you should keep in mind the required size, finish and overall budget. Moreover, you should also enlighten yourself with the details related to widths and diameter, how these are related to each other and how to purchase steel wheels.

The following section gives details of wheel basics:

Steel Wheels - A Better Choice Over Alloys and Other Types

  • Rim Diameter

The rim size of a steel wheel is the diameter of wheel where the bead of tire sits on wheel. The rim diameter ranges from 13 to 20 inches such as 13 inches, 14 inches and so on up to 20 inches.  In any case you should go for a steel wheel which conforms to vehicle’s load capacity. Usually, larger the wheel is, more is load capacity requirement. All wheels have load capacity stamped on back of the wheel. You can check more details at roadreadywheels.com

  • Width of Rim

It is measurement from inside of outer rim flange to inside of inner rim flange. The width of rim varies from 4 to 14 inches like 4 inches, 4.5 inches and so on up to 14 inches. While purchasing a steel wheel, buyers need to know that the vehicle which they are purchasing has specific range of rim width, which can be mounted and still, maintain safety while being driven. Buying a steel wheel of very small width can lead to poor performance or even tire failure.

  • Diameter to Width Ratio

Its ratio of tire’s height to its width and is also known as aspect ratio. If one is increasing, then other will also increase proportionately. This is represented in percentage. For instance, while reading the code of tire 225/70R14, the number after slash means 70 percent. It means that height of tire is 70 percent to width of tire. Width of tire increases its handling and stability, while a narrower tire increases overall ride comfort and speed.

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