Spruce Up Your Living Space With Artworks

For ages, repainting the home was the easiest way to revamp the look and feel of a home, but not anymore. The new age generation likes to do thing differently. Instead of repainting the entire home, they prefer to bring new artwork to effortlessly uplift the spirit of a dull room. Not only that, but adding some paintings and sculptures is an effortless way to add new color, layer, texture and depth in your room. There is no denial to the fact that reinventing the décor of a room with modern contemporary artworks is the most easy and efficient way that can transform an ordinary living room into a stylish living space. Picking up a contemporary style for your living room is easy. Read on the blog to get some quick tips and innovative ideas on how to use artworks, potted plants, metallic tones and textures to jazz things up in your living room.

  • The first and foremost thing that need to be done while reinventing a living space is to decide on the color and theme that you want to create. Selecting color and theme for a living room depends on whether you want to turn the room into a cozy corner, where one can relax or unwind after a tiring day at office or whether you want to keep things a little formal and more sophisticated.
  • Regardless of the fact whether it is a formal setting or informal den that you want to create in your living room, consider bringing in some thick, dark colored frames that can not only be used to frame paintings, but can also be used in combination with other different sized frames to create striking architectural pieces. You can create vignette around these architectural pieces. To make a quick vignette, pick up a frame as an anchor and build the vignette around it. You can place some small paintings and accents like a tray, lamp shade, book and even potted plant or whatever you have available in your home. In case, you don’t have enough paintings, don’t worry. You can now buy paintings online without leaving the comfort of your home.

Below are two quick tips for all those who are planning to paintings –

  • Buy figurative and abstract art. Paintings that depict human figures and abstract art go well with potted plants in a contemporary space. To create this look you don’t even have to burn a hole in your pocket, for you can buy paintings online at affordable prices.
  • Shine bright like a diamond with metallic tones. Last year, fashion industry saw a lot of bling in clothes. This year, the trend has traveled from there to your living room. Trends in home design market tell that metallic tones are color of this year. So, if you don’t want to create a sparkling wall but want to keep up with this latest trend, the consider bringing some metallic hues in form of paintings or decorative mirror. You can explore online art galleries to find paintings with metallic undertones and buy paintings online.
  • Summer is almost here, and in summers, what looks more soothing to eyes than the green color of fresh plants. So, bring an element of greenery inside your living space. Green up your room with some hanging vines and vases adorned with fresh flowers placed against a framed artwork on a side table. This look especially goes well with neutral and earthy toned walls. So, if you want to get close to nature, then go for this look. If you already have an artwork, then this is not only affordable, but also a healthy way to add color, texture and boost up the style statement of your contemporary living room. In case you need to buy artwork to complete this look, you can buy paintings online at affordable prices.
  • Now that we have brought one aspect of nature inside our room, how can we leave other aspects out? Experiment with landscapes and oceans capes photography. Get them framed in solid dark colored frames and hang them strategically to narrate stories. If you are open to experiment and your living room permits, then go for an oversized landscape painting. This will not only become the focal point of your room, but will add depth and dimension to it.

Implement these ideas to accentuate the aesthetical appeal of your living room.

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