Spring Cleaning: Tips To Declutter Your Home Office

Working from home or owning your own business requires you to have your own office space to increase productivity and efficiency. This cannot be achieved if we work in a mountain of unorganized paperwork and a neighboring valley filled with business cards and to do lists. We all know that we let our home office get a little run over with bills and files among other items so here is 10 ways to declutter your home office. You’ll thank us in the long run.

1.  Turn Chaos into Organized Chaos.

Getting started is the first giant step that will help you getting well on your way to a more decluttered office. Get baskets or boxes and label them “business cards”, “invoices” “mail” “files A-N”.

Break up the mess first. Once you have your boxes or baskets filled, they will be ready for a more aesthetically pleasing spot but you can’t put up file cabinets or hang wire baskets if there is no room for them. Once you have everything separated and somewhat organized (and I use the word “organized” very loosely) you are ready to move on to the step.

2.  Invest in Storage Containers

Buy a filing cabinet, wire baskets to slip mail into, letter trays, and pen holder. Everything has to have a home. I know this may seem like it is over the top but it is needed or it will get cluttered all too easily again. Stationery is not boring anymore and comes in all sorts of colors and styles which can fit your decor and keep you happy about working from home.

3.  Invest in an Electronic Fax

You more than likely have a computer and a printer/scanner and go through paper like it is running out of style. Investing in an online fax service that sends regular faxes straight to your email will save on time, paper and reduces clutter and filing space by a vast amount.

4.  Boards

Get some cork board or dry erase boards. When you place these on your walls, you can write your to do list someplace without worry of losing it, pin important notes or miscellaneous items somewhere that is not at risk of being lost in the midst of your desk.

5.  Magazine Holders

These are helpful for items that are work related but not of great importance. It gives them a home without you having to pile them up and out of the way.

6.  Binders

If you have to print off items to save that do not need to be kept in the files you keep in drawers or cabinets, place them in a binder with or without sleeves. This also helps minimize paper flying everywhere and cluttering up your desk. You can also keep a magnitude of business cards in a binder. They make sleeves that are split up and perfect for business card organization.

7.  Keep Your Desk Clear of the Unnecessary

Scissors, paper clips, tape can be placed in holders or put in drawers. Placing excess pens and stationery in split containers or holders in drawers can also dramatically help reduce clutter.

8.  Have Multiple Trash Bins

Now when I say this I am not implying that you gain more items to throw away. Have one bin for regular trash or garbage, have another for shred and one for recycling. This way you can keep the clutter down while helping out the planet.

9.  Calendar

It may seem insignificant and honestly I didn’t see the point in keeping a calendar at all but now that I have an at home office and a work place office, I have multiple calendars. I have a giant large print one for lots of room to write and pencil in appointments both personal and work related. I have a smaller one near the door as a reminder. Always keep a calendar within your line of view or at peripheral sight.

10.  Incoming/Outgoing Trays

This will help you handle incoming mail and also make sure that anything outgoing can be sent altogether instead of piece by piece at random times. These incoming and outgoing trays or racks will help you not lose any important communications by keeping everything in one place.

Decluttering your home office takes a little bit of time but can be handled in a day if you decide to tackle it all at once. You will feel accomplished, have more space and inevitably be more efficient and comfortable.

This article was written by Catriona McBain, a organization connoisseur who color codes everything from her closet to post it note collection. As a professional writer for, she understands the importance of a clean to efficiency and productivity.

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