Spring Cleaning Tips For Seniors

The end of winter means one thing: spring cleaning. As the weather warms up, it’s time to get rid of clutter, organize rooms, pull back curtains, and let fresh air in.

It is important to keep a senior home clean as toxins and allergens can put their health and safety at risk. For seniors who are able to do housekeeping chores themselves, here are a few tips on how to get the job done.

Make a spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning is more than just vacuuming, mopping, and reorganizing. Sit down and create a checklist of the following tasks:

Ask Your Loved Ones for Assistance

Do not attempt to tackle all the chores by yourself. Taking on these tasks can be much more efficient if done with family members. Asking for help can also turn your spring cleaning sessions into the perfect opportunity to bond with your loved ones. Dig up old family photos and rummage through your kids’ old toy chests – you might end up finding hidden treasures that you could pass on to your grandchildren.

Find the Right Tools

Seniors need help lifting, bending, and reaching so they don’t strain their backs. At the hardware store, look for pole extensions that you can attach to dusters for cleaning high fan blades and high windows.

Evaluate Current Living Situation

If a senior has dementia, the family should consider hiring professional help to take care of daily tasks and light housekeeping. Another option is to relocate to a senior living community where the environment is safer for your aging loved one.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.

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