While planning for wedding or event, we often have to work with different type of entertainment section such as Artists, DJ, Dancers and Bands. To manage these things in your event, we have to take care of my things. Have a look on some tips to remember while dealing with bands.

Ask Budget

For fixing band for your event and wedding, firstly adjust your budget for paying the amount. Budget is very important part for any event and also search the band as per your fixed budget.

Some Tips To Remember While Dealing With Bands At Wedding And Events

 Stage & Location

When you fix your band according to your budget then stage size and location also does matter. As many bands needs specific stage size to perform. So, while fixing the band ask them about how much stage space they require for their performance.

Power Set up

With all the instrument important for the band to perform, there are often some exceptional musical performance power and voltage necessity in order to make sure the group runs without any hassle. The Manager of the band can usually give you all the details. Event planner should keep in mind to organize all the power set according to band necessity. As in power set up, band can need lightning, electric power according to their instruments and varied plugs.

Food & Beverages

Ensure that the group is occupied with lot of soft drinks and water. Sometimes many bands also need alcoholic beverages during their performance. So, firstly ask the group about their requirements and needs. In contract, everything should describe their necessities.

Green Room

Their should be an one private green room where member of band can get ready for their stupendous performance. Green room is also come in use for the relax during break in their performance. The green room must be near to the stage so, that everything should be happen perfectly. Green room should consist of all the necessities of the band.

Time Management

In this procedure, sound and set up check is  very important. As, group of band need time to set  their instruments and sounds according to the plan. Ensure that the place of venue is booked for long time as group will take time to get into wildness.

 Instrument Download and Load Out

The group will want to know from where they can download and load out their equipment and instruments. In hotel or any other venue, Sometime they need the professional to schedule their time loading dock area.

Have A Contact Details

Event organizer should have the all contact details of the band for any urgent requirements and cancellation.

Everything needs the perfection and flawlessness for best results. As for working with band, there are many requirements are important to  be done for them.