Some Of The Important Factors That Can Influence Bail Amount

Generally, an individual can find out his bail bond amount after being arrested and then being booked in the police station. As we know that the bail bond amount is not fixed. The judge decides the amount for every individual. It is not necessary that the bail bond amount fixed by the judge is affordable by the accused. Some people manage to pay up the bail bond amount and get out of the jail until their trail period. Some people feel that the bail amount is too high and is unfair. That is not the case.

Every jail holds a bail schedule. This schedule has bail bond amounts assigned for offenses (certain). The bail bond amount of the jail differs from state to state. Every state has its own set of rules and crimes at different levels. The bail bond amount differs according to the jail house and area.

Bail schedule is very helpful in some cases. As the bail bond amount is already specified for certain offenses the defendant can directly pay up the bail bond amount and get freed with 24 – 48 hours. This way the defendant can skip the step of attending a bail hearing. You can get easy bail bonds san diego for less serious crimes and offenses.

If the defendant is accused of a serious crime, it is possible that the bail bond amount is not scheduled. To determine the bail bond amount, the judge considers many important points. Some of them are mentioned below:-

Nature and severity of the offense is one of the major factors that are considered while deciding the bail bond amount. Every crime is unique and cannot be anticipated before hand. But as a given the bail bond amount for serious crimes like rape or murder is much more higher than that of less severe crimes like traffic violations, littering etc. the bail bond amount can be set as low as to couple hundred dollars or to a million dollars depending upon the severity of the offense. In very rare cases, it is also possible that the judge denies bail bond release for the accused in ground that he might be dangerous to general public or holds a risk to flee.

Repetitive offenders are treated with fewer leniencies by the court and the judges. If the accused has been arrested for same crime or offense for multiple times, the judges tends to set a bail bond amount which is higher in amount as compared to a first time accused for the same offense. As per the court of law, the defendant should know better by now. In addition to this if the defendant has a history of not appearing for case trails in the past and is a”flight risk” then the judge can decide to either fix up a really high bail bond amount or deny the bail bond request in general.

Make sure you look for all the factors that can influence your bail bond amount.

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