We have been facing the energy crisis that is affecting our daily lives.  Use of the non-renewable sources is one of the reasons behind the wastage of available energy. So, you need to choose the renewable sources that have a positive impact on the environmental, social and economic condition. There is no better option than a solar power system.

Solar panel absorbs rays from the sun, which in turn provide us electricity and heating. Starting from small devices like a hair dryer to kitchen appliances microwave, we use electronic devices. You will not demand more if you get the power with greater efficiency and lower electricity bill.

There are multiple solar panel distributors available in the market. Installing a home solar power system is a huge investment. So you should make a wise decision. A good amount of research will help you to select the right company to buy the product. The one that is highly recommended and has gained reputation and recognition in the market is solar power Orange County CA.

We cannot differ from the fact that most of the people are installing a home solar power system to get all the benefit. This has proved to become one of the best investments of their lifetime. With solar panel, there are other components that are needed for the installment of the system. Here are few components of a home solar power system.

Some Of The Essential Components Of A Home Solar Power System

The Panels

PV panels are most widely used especially for a residential home. Being the most important part, the mounting job needs to be done properly to get the effective and efficient operation of the system. It consists of three layers i.e., the N-layer, the P/N junction, and the P-layer.

Mounting Equipment

Your PV panels should be placed where it can absorb the maximum amount of sunlight and that helps it to stay for more than 25 years.

The Inverter

The device should convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to supply the electricity. It takes low voltage, high current signals from the panels and converts them that are compatible with grid power.

Tracking Mounts

Tracking mounts help the panel to move throughout the day to absorb the sunlight.

Disconnect Switches

If the solar is not performing as usual and creating problems, then you need to switch it off. So disconnect switch is of higher importance and should be placed where you can reach easily for your safety.

The Battery

Some of the solar panels have installed battery. It is used for storage of the extra energy that might be required in darker and rainy days.

Wiring and Fuse Connection Box

Your solar panel should be connected to the main fuse. Though it involves a low expense, it should be connected properly with the help of an expert installer.

Utility Power Meters

The digital meters are connected to the grid as most of the customers go to the time of use structure which a mechanical is not capable of.

Though it requires a huge investment, a solar power system is not that complex to understand. They have a lower maintenance cost and are highly reliable and recommended.  Why not using an environmentally friendly source of energy if is available in the form of a solar panel.