For what reason is the use of words of wisdom (prophetic words in regards to the future) critical and for what purpose is it imperative to know about the significance of their utilization in ministry? Since wisdom causes us to comprehend the difference between what is good and bad in God’s sight, procuring and practicing wisdom will prompt bliss and longevity of life (Proverbs 3:13-16). It is a vital quality God needs to find in us. Below mentioned are some other additional factors showing the importance of utilization of words of wisdom throughout our life and ministry as well.


Above all else, it is exceptionally basic to comprehend that the blessings of the Holy Spirit don’t work at our will, however, must be showed when we live our lives dedicated to God and His ministry on earth, as indicated by the covenant we have entered through the forfeit of Jesus on the cross. We surrendered our lives to him and we ought to anticipate that His life to flow over us.


Words of Wisdom are explicit messages from God with respect to what’s to come. When we are in charge of a specific ministry and genuinely position ourselves by words and deeds in like manner as leaders, we discover God directing us through explicit words in regards to the way, he needs us to take, either by advising us of what the fate of one way brings or by empowering us by the brilliant promises of another.


Educating of the Word of God is fragmented without Words of Wisdom. Like Words of Knowledge, Words of Wisdom make the Bible a LIVING WORD. Instructing and lecturing the Gospel without being available to this region, renders the Bible an unimportant manual, while Words of Wisdom open the endless element of the Word for all to perceive what lies ahead. At last, we can just really motivate the people of God to make an explicit move with respect to their lives, when the message being lectured rises above the regular and focuses to the prize that lies ahead.


Those who are following us, do as such as a result of the blessing we have, they will confront genuine circumstances where they should hear a word from God in regards to their future. God will address them through us when we take responsibility for the position of a prophet over their lives. Individuals need to get notification from God with respect to a job offer, a voyaging plan, a business deal, and so forth. Besides, we should work in Words of Wisdom with the end goal to prepare devotees to trust in God and the blessing. This fortifies their confidence.


Regardless of whether it is healing or throwing out evil spirits, Words of Wisdom are the projectiles of the prophet to announce to the sickness and the demon where he is going. We are called to lecture the Good News not exclusively to men, yet in addition to evil spirits and to this fallen nature.


What God proclaims through us today will set the stage or the establishment on which future ages will assemble. Except if we are available to God what needs to state today in regards to the future, we will announce the demise of our service with us on earth.


At long last, Words of Wisdom keep us reminded on our actual character and calling. They advise us that we don’t have a place with this age yet to the one to come. The utilization of Words of Wisdom turns us resistant to the stresses of the present life. Through confidence, it keeps us strolling on the waters of unceasing life.


Paul Davis is a renowned healing minister. He lives in New York, where he primarily teaches, writes, and offers workshops on journaling and spiritual growth. Paul heads a number of healing ministries New York in the past. Paul makes every effort to combine his own faith with the world’s spiritual teachings and to facilitate the world make well from its past record of religious abuse.