Every great company starts small, which means facing vulnerability as it heads on to bigger markets and try to find and open door that can give them leverage to become one of the greatest company in the world of business and marketing. But let’s face the truth – to enter bigger market means to find a solution that could enable you to handle a large task on spot. Customer relationship, data storage, finances and product distributions management also should be taken into consideration. These are only a few things the company managers would be handling as the business grows bigger.

With the rise of technology, there is a remarkable solution that can make everything miles easier. Software that will virtually help them to keep track of records and to have a better customer relationship management. It enables the company to have plenty of time to devote to tackling more important problems.

Software That Can Contribute Your Company To Become A Great One

What is the Software?

The software is usually designed for a specific task that can help the client to manage the company more efficiently. What’s the benefits? The company will gain enough time to think over how to manage deals better and not to take care of tiny problems and tasks. Such software is design by ISVs, or Independent Software Vendors, for a specific task. One of ISVs is the Customertimes.com, that is also the platinum implementation partner of Salesforce.com, headquartered in Manhattan, with over 300 consultants, developers, business analysts and mobile experts.

They had created a software that helps a young pharmaceutic company in Europe to keep track of CRM and call and report through CT Pharma and CT Mobile solution. The software also gives possibility to manage accounts for distributors and sales. The opportunity of having event management connected to CT Pharma and CT Mobile solutions is the priceless one. In 3 weeks, Industrial CT Pharma and CT Mobile solutions was implemented. The Head of Sales had a clear real-time vision of current sales across the country. Call planning and reporting, distributor sale tracking was  also available and was easy in usage.

Credible Software Maker

Customertimes has more than 200 customers in 63 different countries, with 4 regional offices. It has high recommendations that can give assurance of how well the company can reach a high level. With offices in Eastern Europe they are  available for companies offshore.

They have a clear plan that can give a solution to existing and future problems of the company, creating software that enables management to have plenty of time to tackle another problem.

Learn more about CostumerTimes by going to their website, and learn more of other services provided and their field of expertise. With the rise of technology, the company can find more solutions for entering the big market, and taking the company to a higher level, by acquiring a software that suits their company’s needs.