Many people pay particular attention to the friendliness and reliability of their courier delivery service and conclude on the basis of the quality of the entire parcel service. That’s too short, though. Maybe your delivery person is always in a good mood, but elsewhere in Germany it can look very different. The same applies of course to all the services. There are super nice Hermes deliverers, but also those who deliver packages without notification card at neighbors or leave somewhere. For other parcel services it is exactly the same.

Smartest Options For The Best Couriers Now For You

Therefore the recommendation: Ask the recipient with which parcel service he would like the parcel most. The recipient knows best which parcel service has the most reliable deliverer in its region.

Delivery Comparison

“Which parcel service delivers the fastest?” Is a frequently asked question that cannot be answered in two sentences? As a rule of thumb, the more postage you pay, the faster the package.

The packages cost depending on size between 10 and 80 euros and are guaranteed within Europethe next day at the recipient. For this, the package must have been sent the day before by a certain time. These shipping times vary depending on the place of shipment.

Standard packages with postage of 4 to 15 pounds usually take 1 to 2 days within Spain, but there is no guarantee for that. With standard packages, the parcel services only name non-binding standard delays. Even if a package has not arrived after one week, it is not legally delayed. In 2018, the editors carried out a time-consuming delivery test. The results of the delivery times test can be found here. However, the test results cannot be generalized. For example, the transport time is significantly affected by the distance between the sender and the recipient (the farther away, the more likely that the delivery will not arrive the next day). Equally important is the time of sending. The later a package is sent, the more likely that it no longer comes at the same day in the package center for further processing. For the Courier to Spain these aspects are essential now.

What if the Package is Lost when Returning to the Merchant?

If the package is lost after the cancellation on the way back to the dealer or is damaged, you still get your purchase price back and do not have to make a replacement.

However, as a consumer in such a case, you have a duty to prove the correct dispatch. This is possible, for example, by means of witnesses. In addition, you are obliged to pack the goods in a suitable manner. For example, you are complicit and liable to pay damages if you send a small, fragile porcelain figurine without padding in a large cardboard box.