Commercial trucking is a good option to make a perfect living for yourself and your loved ones, however, there are lots of dangers associated with it.  More than hundred of truck drivers are killed on the job every day, leaving their families behind. The issue of safe truck driving and parking, while never fading away, has recently received attention lately in some parts of the world.  Parking is a very simple and easy task that requires moving your truck or other larger vehicles into a specific location in space without hitting nearby objects. The lack of safety and security in parking lots is another most underestimated safety hazard for both trucks and pedestrians.

Whenever trucks or other vehicles have to share with people on foot or on other vehicles, it demands special mad effective precautions. Here are a few smart and secure truck parking tips for every trucker.


The most important and best way to make sure that you get in a safe and available parking place for your truck is to plan ahead the routes and rest breaks. Decide n saved where and when you will stop and look out for truck areas or stop to park. Park your vehicle in a well-lit. active areas, and avoid parking in congested areas and between other large-sized vehicles, where it might be difficult to back out properly and where muggers could also hide.  Also, try to drive through high-crime areas to avoid any other problems.


An overcrowded truck area starts filling up in the early evening. If possible, pre-plan the route so your travel starts much earlier in the morning.  By doing this, at the time of taking the break, you will easily get a truck stop before the parking lot fills up. You can also pre-book a parking spot at some truck stops, paying a significant amount of fee, that helps you claim your parking place.


When parking your truck in a parking lot for the night, it’s crucial to note down the name of the company,  unit numbers and license plate of other vehicles parked around yours. Having the details and information of those parked next to you can help if a thief or burglar damage your truck. Be aware of the surrounding, and keep an eye out moving to and from the parking space.


If you are planning to sleep inside your truck, don’t forget to close the windows and put the window screens in case you have them, and hide the valuables in a secret place. By doing this, cargo thieves cannot reach in or get inside the truck. Utilize the seats belts or cords for catching the doors and windows of the truck shut for additional protection.


It’s far better raising a foolish question than committing a foolish mistake. Even if you are sitting in the middle of trucking training or an experienced trucker, don’t hesitate to enjoy more tips from others who are into commercial trucking.


Don’t ever forget that your life is much more important and precious than your truck or any other vehicle. Stay safe, practice the above-given tips and lots of it.