Skin is the largest organ of the body and thus it needs proper care. It covers and protects the internal body organs, alerts the body of danger through sensation, helps to regulate body temperature and insulates the body by acting as a cushion. Skin care ensures the skin is able to carry its functions efficiently, and also helps to present and minimize the signs of acne and aging. Taking care of the skin should be done every time and every season. Here are the tips on taking care of your skin during winter.

  • Always Moisturize your Skin

Use moisturizers that work best during winter. An oil-based moisturizer is preferred than the lotion and cream because it creates a protective layer on the skin which makes it to retain more moisture. Some oils such as butter and Shea oil forms clogs on the skin pores which hinders skin from getting moisturized.  Use oils that do not form clogs such as almond oil, primrose oil, mineral oil and avocado oil.

  • Drink a Lot of Water

The large portion of the skin consists of water and the more it is hydrated, the more it is well taken care of. Water is very essential for the overall body health and it makes one look younger. Always drink clean water and make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

  • Cloth your Hands

Hands has fewer oil glands and the skin on them is thinner than most of other body parts. Thus, they can’t be kept moisturized easily during winter which can lead to cracking and itchiness. Wear gloves always when going outside. Wool gloves are the most preferred over cotton gloves for they are warmer and do not cause irritation.

  • Grease up your Feet

Just like the skin’s hands, the skin of your feet needs also to be kept moisturized for better care.The best lotions to apply are the ones with glycerin and petroleum jelly. Exfoliants are also important by getting the dead skin off which in turn helps the moisturizers used to sink deeper and faster.

  • Avoid Wearing Wet Socks, Gloves and Clothes

Wet clothing and especially with wet gloves and socks can cause skin irritation, cracking, itching and even sores on the skin. Wear dry gloves and socks and its better to wear none than wear wet ones.

  • Install Humidifiers and Space Heaters

The humidifiers and space heaters aids in getting more moisture in the air which prevents the body skin from drying out. Install them throughout your home and office and increase more moisture in the air.

  • Use Warm Baths

Soak and burn your body while bathing in warm water usually after being out in the cold. This helps to moisturize the body.  However, don’t use hot water which the body can’t bear.  Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the body skin leading to loss of moisture.

  • Consult a Skin Specialist

A skin specialist such as a dermatologist and an esthetician will help a lot in guiding you in taking care of your skin.  Let them analyse your type of skin and know your current status of the skin. This helps in selecting the right products to use on your skin.

The above tips will help you in taking care of your skin. Don’t wait for winter to come and practice them. Learn to use them as part of your skin care. Having also a Ni card with you is also part of caring for your skin. Insuring for your body is a way of minding your skin. Always have it wherever you go. Seek more tips and knowledge on how to protect your skin and be guaranteed of a moisturized healthy skin.