There is a famous saying that “Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder.”  Today, in this world, womens are very career oriented but still look matters a lot. Dressing sense enhances the confidence level of a person. Skater dress came into existence in the fashion world and is considered as appropriate dress to suit the needs of women.

History of Skater Dress

Skater dress resembles the baby doll dress made in the year 1990’s and is shown in ice-dance competition. But, in 1980’s, the fashion world took a new turn when short dresses are considered as more attractive.

You can explore your personality by wearing most fashionable dress i.e. skater dress. As a trendsetter, Skating has stepped to influence the fashion world. In 2011 spring shows, Dior and Louis Vuitton, the skater dress seems to be winner in catwalk.

In Louis Vuitton’s Show, the designer has created embroidered dresses worn over shorts and with wigs and shoes for urban look. At show of Stella McCartney, the skater dress is shown in floral print whereas in other place it is shown in ruffles and pretty pleats.

Style and Trend

The skater dress includes high hemlines, low neckline and wonderful fabrics to create a silhouette. The skater dress is loose than mini dress with a shapely midsection at waistline.The dress has got different waistline to make the women feel young and flirty.

The skater dress has got fitted waistline and the length of skirt is usually up to mid-thighs but there are people who like to display their legs. If somebody loves a dress/skirt which twirls around then the skater dress will be ultimate choice. The dress can fit any sort of body shape.

So, it is hard to avoid dress which looks so perfectly fine with any person. If you are fashionable then you would definitely love to have dress which is neither too loose or tight but fits around your waistline. If you have hourglass figure then you may become big fan for skater dress which hugs around your curves makes you look feminine.

Malaysian women usually wears the skater dress as the hot weather helps them to wear the dress naturally. You can use blazer or cardigan if the weather around you is too cold but most of them use it minimum. You can have proper accessories to wear as per your dress.

You can wear a bright skater dress with any long sleeved sweater and fine stockings. For women to have elegant look,  wear Louis Vuitton version of the dress. The bold look is provided by navy leather, but the shoulder bow softens the overall look. Make your style statement with the fine hemlines of the dress. Look at the occasion to wear any sort of skater dress with any sort of print such as strips or lace with mini outfit on Sunday brunch.

If you are not sure about the trend then you can have a look at the feminist magazines which shows the diversity of skater dress. Due to its publicity and fashion trend, it is considered as important component of wardrobe. The ruffles on the dress presents a bright touch while the black tights gives McCartney’s design a new look in winter days. The skater dress makes the wearer look smart, fashionable and classy.

Author Biography:

Cher Park is Founder & CEO at POPRAGEOUS , arranged in Los Angeles, California. She got her education from Cornell university and takes an enthusiastic eagerness for craftsmanship and famous society, which is clear in her work. Cher Park can be followed on social networking sites at Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram.