Various natural fibres have become popular for making carpets and rugs mainly because these rugs are of a biodegradable type and can be reused even after the process of recycling. Though the synthetic rugs are in high demand these days, they deteriorate quickly and look shabby in the long run. Its shine quickly fades away and the fiber wears out, especially in high traffic areas. Also, there are chances of static electricity getting generated from such synthetic fibers. Art of rug making is not from the recent times, it is quite ancient and it can be found in the historical records too. It originated in the Middle Eastern areas of Asia to be used as a prayer rug. Later on it was used as the main decoration piece in the royal palaces of the kings and rich merchants. Woven from the sophisticated animal fibers like silk, wool with beautiful embroideries done in gold, silver and other precious stones, it remained as the main object of attraction and very expensive. Ever since the ancient times, it is Persia or the present day Iran has maintained the art of weaving of carpets and rugs. Later on, this beautiful art travelled to different parts of Europe and enriched their social culture.

Sisal Rugs Decorate Your Room and Add Comfort To Your Life

Now sisal rugs and carpets are within the reach of most customers and very affordable. The plant fibers are woven and dyed with the inclusion of beautiful designs and patterns. One can lay the trust on the quality of rugs woven from seagrass, sisal or jute by Floorspace at affordable rates.  Floorspace sisal rugs and carpets are available in different designs and patterns and can be ordered in customized form directly visiting the store or going online. Customization gives an opportunity to the buyers to create the rugs of their own choice with the appropriate colors and patterns online and then order it. Customers also get free tips about maintaining their sisal rugs and carpets and advice on interior decoration also. It may be wall to wall hanging or covering the floor area with the suitable colors.

Amongst the natural fibers, sisal fiber is very popular for rug and carpet making and derived from the flesh of the lower leaves of the cactus plant. It is grown in the sub tropical climates of South Africa, China, Brazil and Mexico. Being a hard vegetable fiber, sisal is also used for making ropes, mats and other things for regular use. As the fiber is within the leaves, it is extracted, then cleaned, dried, died, spun and then later used in the manufacture of floor rugs or carpets. Before making a purchase of sisal rugs, you should examine the benefits of sisal rugs or carpets which are highlighted as follows:

  • Sisal rugs or carpets are not only used as the main decoration piece in your home but also last for the long term. It is attractive and provides the durability to look good with the time without getting affected by regular use.
  • Even if the dust or the dirt gets collected in sisal rugs, they can be easily maintained with simple cleaning techniques. On regular basis, you can get it clean with the help of vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt. You can also get a cleaning kit from the rug store.
  • Sisal is an eco friendly material and it can be useful even after the recycling process.
  • High quality craftsmanship is shown in weaving the strong or coarse sisal fiber which shows resistance not only to different types of hard stains but also to the fire. Therefore, it would be a worthy investment for fulfilling the safety of your house.
  • Sisal rugs work as the good sound absorbers. Therefore, these rugs are often used in the long or wide hallways on floors made of hardwood and also in wooden staircases.