Singapore is known for its serene environment, breathtaking scenery and Skyscrapers reaching so high that a person can touch the sky and smell the fresh air whilst talking to the clouds. A surrounding so friendly that everyone falls in love with the place, and this is one of the main reasons why this city state has thrived so much in the recent years. Its policies towards businesses and its residents have made Singapore a heaven right here on earth. But when a person works a whole day in the office, what he needs when he gets out is fresh air, and he deserves a home where that is available. Singapore Bellewoods EC offers such comforts within the reach of everyone. People from everywhere can come and live at this beautiful place, living a beautiful life, having all the comforts of life, and an atmosphere so pure that one can calmly close its eyes and take in all the freshness and pureness of the surroundings.

Singapore Property Galleria Bellewoods EC

Singapore Bellewoods EC gives special emphasis to the fitness and well being of its residents. It makes full use of the Tree Bark concept to create a exquisite view of the trees which give the feel of a real forest. This is one reason that Singapore Bellewoods EC stands out in the crowd, and it being the carefully thought plan of combining the ultra modern luxuries with the natural aspects, bringing every comfort right to the man’s natural habitat. That is why there are a lot of gardens and forests specially designed to keep the residents and their families fit and healthy. There is an Aquatic Forest for the water lovers, a scene so marvelous that it captivates everyone. One can just sit back on a comfy chair and relax by one of the pools, and look at the trees and the birds chirping inside them. The Bamboo forest is a thing of beauty, long and lush green bamboos bear testament to the origins of the tree and its significance in building anything. As no tower or a small building can be erected without the help of it, it is a privilege to look at something so precious in an environment of home.

For the fitness freaks and the everyday joggers, a wellness forest is being introduced by the Singapore Bellewoods EC which has all the latest equipment to use and a jogging track for walkers and runners living in the condominiums. Located in the Wellness Forest are the Spa Centre and Wellness Lobby, which are prime examples of the commitment of the developers towards the residents of the place. The spa house is world class and it means that the residents do not have to go a long way to relax, also available is a Jacuzzi which is a bonus in itself and offers a chance for everyone to interact while relaxing.

Even after these facilities present inside the premises of Singapore Bellewoods EC, there are tons of other such natural places to visit nearby, like the Orchid Country Club and the Woodlands Waterfront, and this area will be a hub of different activities once the site comes live in 2017.

The site is located a few clicks away from the new MRT Station which means that it is accessible by anyone coming from Singapore, or vice versa. The future North South Expressway will further reduce the journey into the mainland by car, to approximately 30 minutes and once can easily reach the Marina Bay in half an hour from their homes in the esteemed Bellewoods EC located at Woodlands 5th Ave/ 6h Ave. Singapore.