If you can’t remember the last time your boiler was either serviced or replaced, then it’s time to have looked at by a professional. Nothing lasts forever, and as boiler’s age they can experience more faults which could be putting you and your family at risk.

The worst-case scenario is that a faulty boiler is emitting carbon monoxide into your home. This dangerous gas is known as the ‘silent killer’. Worryingly, approximately one tenth of all adults in Britain have experienced carbon monoxide poisoning in varying levels inside their own home. For the ultimate peace of mind, call out a registered gas professional if you notice the following signs:

Your boiler increasingly needs repair work

If the boiler is old and you find you are regularly calling out a gas engineer or having to re-set the boiler frequently, then it’s time to install a new one or it could become an unnecessary hazard in your home.

Your home isn’t heating up like it used to

If your heating doesn’t seem as effective as it used to be, then you’re not getting the full benefit of your heating system. You’ll be wasting energy and still paying the same heating bills but not feeling toasty like you should be. Similarly, if your hot water is only running lukewarm then you could have an issue with a broken diverter drive. It is recommended that you call on the services of a Gas Safe registered engineer to check the heating system. For Gloucester Boiler installation, visit http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boiler-installation-and-heating-systems/

An odd smell coming from the boiler

If you notice dark stains around your boiler and/or you experience a peculiar smell from the boiler, there could be a faulty burning function inside the unit. Call out an engineer immediately as your boiler could be emitting harmful carbon monoxide gas.

Signs That Your Boiler Needs Attention

You hear weird noises coming from your boiler

There are a number of reasons why a boiler might be making unusual noises but it’s always best to get it checked over by a professional. It could be that the pump is not functioning properly or one of the bearings in the fan might be old and need replacing. These are wear and tear issues but if left, could cause further damage to your boiler.

The carbon monoxide detector is beeping

Every home should have carbon monoxide detectors as well as smoke alarms. If your detector begins to bleep while your boiler is working, then this is a sign that you need to seek assistance from a trained professional immediately. Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out an inspection and you can also contact the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999 who can offer advice.