We’ve all seen those TV shows where they are renovating homes in order to sell them for more money. The renovation can be cosmetic (painting, carpets, curtains, furniture), or it can be more serious (installation, walls demolition, changing the windows, floors).

If you are selling, you should know that only three rooms are selling your house: kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom; so you should focus on them.

Bathroom Remodelling

Try to avoid changing the electrical and plumbing installation or sewerage pipes, because in order to do so, you would have to dismantle all existing sanitary ware and to remove tiles. You should do this only if pipes or cables have never been changed before, because changing them isn’t cheap at all. New tiles can be installed over the old ones. If you‘re crafty you can do it yourself, if not, hire professionals, it wouldn’t last too long nor it will cost much.  

The last phase of the bathroom renovation is painting the ceiling. When painting, be sure to protect your new tiles from paint.

Should You Renovate Before You Sell Your Home?

Kitchen Remodelling

There are several options to give the kitchen a new look quickly and cheaply. You can remove the chandelier and old lamps and replace them with new exciting and modern ones. This simple step will drastically change the look of your old kitchen.

If the kitchen elements are still stable, you should think about how to refresh them quickly. New handles on the drawers and cabinets, which are not expensive, will give them a new look. All the knobs on the kitchen cabinets and drawers you can change easy without any help. Another option is to completely remove doors from kitchen cabinets and enjoy the new “open” look of the kitchen units.

Sink modification is a major project, but it will make your kitchen look expensive, so think about that. On the other hand, if you want to save money, replace only the tap. Modern faucets are easy to install and you do not need to change water pipes.

Should You Renovate Before You Sell Your Home?

Master Bedroom

Curtains are easy and quick solution. Soft coloured curtains will give the bedroom “tucked” and romantic look. For stylish and trendy look of the bedroom, you can choose curtains with geometric designs.

Think about details. Changing the handles on closet and drawers means a lot to the overall look of the room.

Should You Renovate Before You Sell Your Home?

The Last Phase: Painting and Cleaning

If you are selling, painting is a must. Do this yourself, it isn’t hard and it doesn’t take long. Before painting, wipe the walls with a wet cloth and go over them with sandpaper, to remove any existing grease or dirt.

All that is left is to clean your home. You can do it yourself, but as specialists from Sutherland Shire cleaning services say, if you are selling it you have to clean it in properly. Hire professionals, the price is right and they will make your home spotless.

Follow these tips, invest little money in renovating your property and that will make it more valuable and help you sell it faster. In case you were wondering, yes, you should renovate before you sell.