Many home- owners are not sure on whether they should apply primer before paint. They often ask themselves the question that it is really essential for them to apply primer before paint? Experts in the home improvement industry state that it is not necessary for you to apply primer before paint on all your projects. There are some projects where you need to apply primer before the surface is painted. This is why before you start the painting job, it is important for you to first understand the surface levels and the different categories of primers that are available in the market.

Steve Silvers is the former CEO of Empire Today and he runs a home improvement company called Paint Squad. He says that many clients come to his professional team of home improvement experts with this question. His team of experts state that when you are painting a dry wall, it is prudent for you to apply for a primer beforehand to get a consistent finish and sheen. To get the best final coat, it is important for you to always use a primer for your needs. In fact, if you apply a primer you will find that it is cheaper over applying multiple coats of latex paint on the dry wall.

When you are applying paint to bare wood, you will find that it takes a lot of time for the paint to soak up and dry. This is the reason why it is prudent for you to use a primer first. There are good quality wood primers available in the market today and all of them give you a unique finish. Most of the latest wood primer paints ensure you get fast drying technology when it comes to painting on wood.

In the case of masonry surfaces, it is prudent for you to apply masonry primer before the application of the paint. You will find that some masonry surfaces have a high pH level that might cause adhesion issues. The moment you opt for a primer, you will find there is no loss of adhesion at all.

Primer that blocks stains

There are some unique primers available in the market and they serve the sole purpose of blocking stains. They do not allow bleeding of the final finish and keep smoke and water at bay. When you are applying primer, it is important for you to apply a bonding primer for your application. This will help you to improve adhesion and get the best finish out of your final coat.

Steve Silvers says that when you are looking for the best paint finish for your home, you should call in professionals to assess and evaluate your walls. They will give you the best advice and recommendation when it comes to the application of primer before projects or not. Keeping their advice and recommendation in mind will surely give you a coat of paint that will be consistent and whose sheen will last for a very long time, he says!