As you know, the mother of the bride has her shoulders filled with responsibilities and obligations. There are several unsaid clothing rules that apply to all you mothers of the bride. That’s why shopping for mother of the bride dresses can pose as a daunting task. Since mothers of the brides are occupied with so many things on their plates; they ignore these unsaid clothing codes.

However, the violation of some of these rules can raise a lot of eyebrows and get the mother unwanted attention.

But fret not; we’re here to help you to pick your best mother of the bride dresses. Read along to find out all the concerning Dos and Don’ts for shopping for the mother of the bride.

The Dos:

  • Length: Length is always a medium of discussion and debate when it comes to wedding ceremonies. You may wonder about which length is appropriate. Well, as the mother of the bride, you need to dress in an age-appropriate manner. Don’t consider this as an obstruction or limitation to your desires. You can always dress it up or dress it down as per your needs.

But if you want our suggestion, then right at or below the knee is the sweet spot. If you wear a body-con attire, then make sure it’s not too short. There are other mother of the bride dresses long. A long maxi or a gown, for instance, is very graceful for a summer wedding.

  • Color: Extreme colors like white, black, dark blue etc. are off the market for the mother of the bride dresses long.

The ivory color family is reserved for the bride and I’m sure you would not want to steal the spotlight from your daughter. But you can go with these colors for your dresses.

From flowy to tight fitted, you can customize your attire. You can even stick to the style of your daughter’s bridesmaid and match their aesthetics. This is safe, fun, and adventurous.

The Don’ts:

  • Discomfort: Compromising comfort for fashion is something we highly advise against. This is not a two-minute runway walk where you’ll brave it out. This is your daughter’s wedding gala which will last you for almost a day. So choose the comfortable and well-fitted mother of the bride dresses.
  • Cheap Material: It is unreasonable to burn a hole in your pocket for an attire which will only adorn you for a day. But if you become too unreasonable and buy very cheap material, then you will be in trouble. You will compromise comfort and will never be able to re-wear this attire. So you can still buy cheap mother of the bride dresses by finding better deals and not necessarily compromising on the quality.


Wedding functions come with their hustle-bustle and chaos. Thus, comfort is the key when it comes to these ceremonies. So this is an added tip to always prioritize comfort over everything. If you have comfort on your side, the rest will follow. And to all the mothers of the brides, don’t forget to flash that beautiful smile of yours during the function. You will always look back to these happy times.