Whether you’re a business owner who appears at a lot of trade shows already, or you’re simply looking at starting the trade show process, you’ll want to consider some tips when it comes to drawing in the customers. Appearing at a trade show can be a hugely beneficial undertaking when done correctly, but when executed lazily, it can be a waste of precious time and resources. Think of your trade show display as your first line of defense, or as your storefront window display. It is the first thing people will glance at when they walk by, so it needs to truly stand out from the crowd. Here are 5 Important factors to consider when setting up your trade show display.

  1. Keep it simple. Your trade show display needs to be as simple as possible, especially if you’re appearing at numerous trade shows over the course of the year. Ensuring that your display is portable is of high importance. There’s no use in having a display that is huge, heavy and clunky. Make something with light weight materials and make sure it’s easy to setup and easier to break down. You’ll want to consider consulting Blazer Exhibits & Events, a company that specializes in this kind of thing.
  2. Design is everything. Your trade show booth represents your business. If it’s designed poorly, your customer will assume that your business’ practice follow in the same vein. So, to ensure that the customers enter your booth to explore your product or service, make sure your booth design is impeccable. It needs to be visually creative, simple, and even understated. If you over complicate the logo or the design, you’ll confuse people who can only spare seconds to consider entering your booth.
  3. Offer a little something extra. An important aspect of any trade show display are the additional features that you might be able to offer a potential customer. If you have coffee, finger foods, or a phone-charging station available for passersby, you’ll convert more foot traffic to sales. Your product or service doesn’t necessarily have to be the thing that lures the customer in. it can be something extraneous, like a promotional gift. Perhaps having giveaways and raffles will keep people coming back, or some kind of performance or guerrilla marketing exercise.
  4. Keep it staffed. It’s extremely important that the booth be well manned throughout the trade show. If you’re leaving your display unattended for periods of time, you’re going to be missing out on potential customer conversions and possible revenue. Be sure to have staff working the booth throughout the day. Don’t over-staff, just be sure that your people are feeling fresh and ready to sell at any given time. Trade shows can be long, so changing up roles is a good way to keep people on their game.
  5. Keep moving. Alongside your booth or display, it’s important to get amongst the trade show and learn a thing or two from other displays. You’re competition will provide you with fresh insight into your product or service and that is one of the best things about being part of a trade show – gathering ideas. It’s also worth handing your business cards out to businesses that you might be able to collaborate or barter with. Swapping services is a fantastic alternative to forking over hard-earned cash.