Our eyes give us the ability to see the world and play a key role in our lives. However, due to ageing, health disorders, hereditary reasons and lifestyle, problems tend to crop up. Regular eye check ups are very important for ensuring problem-free vision. You could go with an independent eye specialist, or choose an eye care center that caters all requirements related to vision related issues, which is ideal. An eye care center in San Diego or elsewhere offers the following services:

  • Eye Exam
  • Vision Correction
  • Surgeries to treat Eye Disorders including Astigmatism, Cataracts, Farsightedness, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Nearsightedness, etc.
  • Optical lenses and Spectacles – prescription & repair


We all know visiting a dentist once in six months, or at least once a year is mandatory. What about eye exam? What’s the right frequency for kids and adults? For healthy individuals and kids, eye exam once in two years should suffice. For adults between 40 – 65 years, scheduling an eye exam once a year, or once in two years (depending on the risk percentage) and those above 65, once a year is ideal. Your ophthalmologist will be able to tell the right frequency depending in your health, risk factors and other health conditions.


During other scenarios, when there’s a constant headache around eyes, severe headache impairing one’s ability to work or do their daily routine, without any apparent reason, or when there are problems with vision, a visit to a San Diego Eye Center is ideal. With increased computer and smartphone usage, and reduced food quality, many individuals need vision correction (requiring optical lenses or prescription glasses) at an early age. Only an eye exam can reveal if there are problems with vision that need addressing.

Also, eye disorders including Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataract and Presbyopia are on the rise. Only a qualified professional at San Diego Eye Center can determine if you have any eye disorders, or if you need vision correction, or if you are under risk and need any lifestyle modifications for prevention of problems, etc. Do you know a reliable San Diego Eye Center will offer prescription guarantee? Not just that, glasses repair services are also taken up if needed.

Regular eye checks can prevent or detect cataract or other eye disorders earlier. Since eye health change with health and age, regular checks ensure they’re functioning at their best. When you visit a San Diego Eye Center or elsewhere, make sure you also get your lenses and spectacles checked at regular intervals, in case you use them. These aren’t checked during regular eye checkup, so ask for it specifically.

Not all eye disorders require surgical intervention, including cataract or nearsightedness and farsightedness. However, even for a few procedures that require surgical intervention, your eye specialist might be able to suggest easier and advanced methods like lasers. The resolution will purely depend on the expertise and experience of the doctor you consult and the San Diego Eye Center you visit.