You are in love or you are having a girlfriend or boyfriend or simply you want to get attention from somebody else that you love. What do you usually do in those cases? I think all of you maybe have your own ways. However, there is a very simple yet effective way that is sending good night SMS.

Couples or lovers usually spend many hours on chatting together or calling on phone when they have free time or at night before they go to bed. Usually at the end of the call, they say “good night” to their partners. But they do not know the fact that up to 90% people who want to receive a good-night SMS after call. Then what is reason that makes sms good night become so important. In my opinion, there are three main reasons which I will list below:

1. Sending good night sms is also a way to say goodbye after a call but it is more emotional People can say directly through the phone “Goodbye and good night”; however, some choose sending message after calls because they do not want to end everything so quickly. They want to make a preparation for theirs lovers and themselves before they turn off their phone and get into their dreams. I myself also feel happier when I receive my boyfriend’s good night sms although we have just make a long call before. It seems that he always remembers me and that he wants to talk to me more. I think not only I but other girls will have the same feeling.

2. SMS good night will be more wonderful if it goes with symbols are usually used together with message to show emotion or feeling of the senders. To lovers, especially to girls who are being fallen in love, symbols of love such as kisses or heart will become more valuable. The recipients will smile happily when they receive the message with those symbols although they are nothing except symbols. However, they are very meaningful because the recipients can imagine many wonderful things that can bring them into their sleep easily.

3. Sending good-night sms will be less expensive than making a call and more than that lt is surely that sending message will not cost much. Couples can save much when they send message. In some cases, sending messages will be better than making a call. For example, you get home after a hard-working day and you are so tired that you do not want to do anything than going to bed. However your beloved are waiting for you on the phone. What you should do in this case. I think sending a message will be a good way. Your beloved will sympathize and receive your message happily. Sending message now, at night, will prevent you from falling asleep while talking on the phone which can make your girlfriend or boyfriend worry or get angry. We should choose a safe solution for ourselves.

In short, sending good night sms will be a good way not only to show our love and care to our beloved but to help us avoid difficult situation. Hopefully, people will have unforgettable moments in their lives especially when they receive sms good night from their beloved.