A security guard is someone who patrols and inspects property against fire, theft, terrorism, and any kind of illegal activity taking place. He also monitors people and buildings in an effort to prevent crime.

Things you need to know before hiring a security guard

If you are thinking to hire a security guard, it means you want to protect your property, which can be your home or business that you have built from ground up. But in order to ensure that your property is fully protected you need to know every minute detail of hiring a security firm, so that they can keep a watch at all times.

Security Options In Cities

It doesn’t matter which type of security option you choose, your security and safety must be of prime concern to this group. After all you have to be safe and keep safe the people around you.

What are the main tasks of security guards?

  • They protect and enforce laws on an employer property
  • Monitor alarms and closed- circuit TV cameras to keep check.
  • Controlled access for employees, visitors, and outside contractors.
  • Conduct security checks over a specified area
  • Write comprehensive reports outlining what they observed while on patrol
  • Interview witnesses for later court testimony
  • Detain criminal violators

Guards must remain alert, looking for anything out of the ordinary throughout their shift. In an emergency, guards may call for assistance from police, fire, or ambulance services. Some security may be armed as well.

Guidelines for choosing security Services in Delhi

In big cities, private security agencies have mushroomed in quite a large number. Many metropolitan cities including Delhi and others are widely spread out, thereby necessitating the need for hiring professional security services because of the benefits directly associated with them.

Few of the benefits are:

  • Sense of protection

These service providers provide well trained and proficient forces with the latest weapons which give a high end sense of protection and secure electronic security systems. Executive protection is also provided by the companies.

  • Security audits

Most of the big companies and five- star hotels often conduct security audit of client sites and perform risk analysis while providing a guaranteed quality service.

  • Private Guards for office and homes

These guards will be responsible for security surveillance and maintaining the discipline and decorum of the office premises; they also monitor and observe entry and exit of people.

  • Security Patrol Guards

These guards are generally found in the cinema halls, art galleries, and exhibitions hall. They are responsible for checking the loitering of the areas, the functioning of devices and other systems. They do not let chaos happen.

  • Security Gunman officer

They are also called as private guards. They are hired for protecting any specific individual or organization and its property. They are provided with licensed guns for high end protection of the property and people.

  • Security supervisor

When it comes to hiring security services, it is very crucial. They are experts in latest advancements in the field of security. They are well versed with self- defense and other physical fitness training. They are all professionally trained.

By hiring security personnel you are not only protecting your business against threats, but also showing your employees, customers, investors and associates that you genuinely care for them.

Guards are experienced and trained in various aspects such as after hour patrolling, monitoring video surveillance, restricting access to areas etc.

A security service provider in Delhi can determine how to minimise security threats, as well as organise security officers to help maintain a secure environment at your premises.