Cellular numbers and landlines have been protected from telemarketing calls since 1991. According to the Telecommunications Act, telemarketers cannot engage in automated dialing and prerecorded messages. The laws are currently the same for most countries but still telemarketers find a way out to reach us. The reasons for the above law and similar ones are two. Firstly, it will protect minute usage and secondly, availability. In the first case, no consumers would like/want to pay from their pockets to receive unnecessary telemarketing calls, either in roaming or even at home. Secondly, phones are an important device for communication and making life more convenient. If the numbers reside with telemarketers, this would be completely violating the privacy of users.

Telemarketing calls have been a reason for interruption in many cases. Every phone owner has faced it at least once in a lifetime. As long as people need to pay on pulse/minutes, all types of telemarketing calls stand illegal. Customers eventually pay for both incoming and outgoing calls. However, telemarketers have found other ways out to reach potential customers. They find out potential leads from several types of databases including insurances, job portals, social networking sites and others. People however have a way out to identify and report these numbers.

Saving Yourself From Harassing Telemarketing Calls Using Reverse Phone Lookup

Callernotes.org presents Reverse Phone lookup service that helps people from across the globe identify numbers and even report it to the database. The portal uses a variety of databases including cell phone directories, landline directories, unlisted number directories, marketing number databases and more. Just typing in the phone number on the search bar will provide you with all the information you need to know. This will include the name of the caller, the address it is registered to, the location information and even email addresses, photograph and even a social profile.

For those having an experience with harassing telemarketing calls, it would be surprising to know that they would be calling at a time when you won’t have the time to listen. This doesn’t happen coincidentally but we are never eager to entertain company promotions on phone. Marketing calls have took us off guard while in meeting, in the midst of an important social or professional conversation, while taking a nap, while riding the bike and such unwarranted situations. Sometimes, you pick up the call thinking it was your old friend or your girlfriend who has come to her senses! But marketers will make you even more irritated. To save you from the dilemma later and extend the help to others, Reverse phone lookup and reporting is a highly advisable alternative. The service costs some money but is justifiable enough when you realize the advantages it permits.

Reverse phone lookup at callernotes.org is a simple process and gives you fast feedback. You might go on to block the number on your device and even add a comment on the website. This is a service that is being used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. As such, it is completely reliable.