Sate Your Taste Buds By Relishing Some Of The Famous Food In Chicago

If you are planning to visit Chicago in the near future, then you definitely would want to try out some of the most popular food joints in Chicago.

Delight for Pizza Lovers

After touring through Chicago, you definitely would want to chill out and try out deep dish pizza, which is a famous delicacy in Chicago.

The specialty of this pizza is that it comes with a thick crust, loaded with loads of cheese and thick tomato sauce. You can opt for toppings of your choice. This pizza is baked in a deep pan, thereby earning this pizza its name.

You might even like to try their stuffed pizza. Different restaurants have their own secret ingredients that make their pizzas more mouthwatering and tempting to eat. You can even have pizzas as desserts. Surprised? Then you have not yet tried the apple pear mascarpone pizzas of Chicago. This is a sweet pizza sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Do you love the famous mac and cheese? Then you definitely will not be disappointed with the famous mac and cheese pizza found in numerous restaurants in Chicago. No wonder pizza places itself in Chicago famous food list.

Bite Into Sandwiches, Crepes and Hot Dogs

If you are not a pizza lover, do not fret. You have a variety of other dishes to feast upon. Chicago never stops surprising its food lovers.

If you are really hungry, but do not have time to sit and have food, then you can always grab a sandwich. Some of the most popular sandwiches that you might come across would be:

If you are looking for some Chinese delicacies then you might want to try out Jianbing, commonly known as Chinese crepes. These crepes are stuffed with fried wontons, eggs and Chinese herbs and sauces.

Hotdogs are the famous food in Chicago. You will always find hot dog stands in basically in each street round the corner. Similarly you might want to even try out their Italian beef cuisines.

If you love sea food, then you can try out the famous broiled lemon whitefish. If you love to be experimental, then do go in for dates wrapped in bacon and stuffed with chorizo.

Scrumpilicious Desserts and Appetizers

If you have a sweet tooth then you would like to try your hand at canelé, which is a French pastry made with custard. In addition to this, you might not want to miss out on the chocolate pecan pie, cheesecake stuffed French toast and many more.

For appetizers, you can check out their sheesh kebabs, tacos, or pork tamale. They are many walking tours Chicago agencies that offer private food tasting walk tours to their customers.


If you are planning on going to a food tour then do check out Tastebud Tours. You can opt for different tour packages in Chicago. If you are planning on a private tour, this also can be arranged for by them.

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