SAP is a business enterprise software that is utilized by various companies to create business applications that are customized for the company and benefit them. It has a wide range of subdivisions which can be used by the customer as tools to create and maintain business applications.

The datasets that are used by companies are often huge with thousands of lines of client information and employee information which need to be stored and accessed fast. The data that is handled by the top management and the middle-level and business operators are divided according to their roles. SAP provided encryption of data so that the users who are trying to access private data cannot see the true data and this helps the company retain its power. This data retrieval and storage process is handled by all tiers of the company and the interface should be user-friendly enough to appease the top tier and the lower tiers of the company all the while retaining the security and integrity of the data. This is where the SAP GUI comes in and the question ‘What is SAP GUI’ troubles the minds of people.


  • SAP GUI is a vital ERP tool that provides a simple, easy-to-use graphical interface that runs with full stability on UNIX, Windows, and HTML.
  • The end users can access the data for using different software applications which are present on the SAP GUI.
  • A major chunk of the market is ruled by this component of SAP because of the convenience in views, applications, features, and functionalities of SAP applications that SAP GUI offers.
  • The end user can also access the SAP Central Server of the organization from a remote location using SAP GUI.
  • SAP GUI comes in 3 versions, namely the standard version for Windows, SAP Java and SAP HTML versions.

SAP GUI for Windows

  • SAP GUI Windows has to be installed on every PC and workstation in the organization. This makes the SAP GUI available offline to all the employees and makes it personalized for every employee.
  • The advantages of SAP GUI for Windows include reduced need for network capacity as it is not web-based and a
  • well-defined environment for SAP graphics which helps in running every transaction seamlessly.


  • SAP GUI for HTML requires minimal installation time and space. It does not have to be installed on every PC in the workstation, only on the standard web browser.
  • SAP GUI for HTML has the same functionality as SAP GUI for Win32. This means that the SAP browser can be accessed simply by the click of the hands because it provides the same screens and transaction codes.
  • The ITS has to be installed after free download from the SAP server.

Thus, the company needs to make a prudent decision while installing and utilizing SAP GUI.

The advantages of SAP GUI HTML include

1. It looks and feels like a standard SAP.
2. Only ITS installation required.
3. Every PC doesn’t have to undergo installation of SAP GUI.