Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date And Specification

Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date And Specification

These days Korean company Samsung is rocking the Smartphone market with its amazing series. It seems that it is endlessly growing. Samsung galaxy S4 saw a huge success and then came S5 but it failed to achieve the success. People were not satisfied with the look, battery life and lack of storage etc. but still Samsung is having loyal customer base and still majority goes for Samsung series.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to be next launch of the company. People are desperately waiting for the release. There are high expectations from the next launch. There is no official announcement till now but many rumors are going on. According to the rumors here are the specification details of Samsung Galaxy S7.

Specification Details

The phone will have 5.5 inch OLED screen that is organic LED and it will offer sharper and better image quality. The phone welcome with 5G technology. Technology is updating day by day so as the technology in the Smartphone. The phone is having another great feature; foldable screen that is totally dust and waterproof. An experiment has been done on this phone. It was taken down fifteen meters into the water and there was no effect on the phone. This phone is not going to leave you in raining days.

Camera of the Phone

This phone is going to change the way you click pictures. The phone is having gega pixel technology and you will be able to click images next to clarity and accuracy. It will also have superfast Wi-Fi technology. There will be 64 bit processor and will run on latest android 5.0 lollipop, Exynos seven processor, 4K, five point five inch screen, 4GB RAM, and four thirty GPU, quick changing, dust proof and water resistant. Another amazing feature that consumers will love is multidirectional microphones along with the Smartphone.

Release Date

There is no big decision taken regarding the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7. There is no actual date known till now. The release date depends upon the future plans of the company. It is being assumed that the giant will launch its next flagship next year in 2015. There is a lot of excitement going on. People have started updating their technology blogs. Samsung Galaxy S7 has taken its place in the upcoming high end phones list.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 is going to create bang in the market. The specification and features of the Smartphone is amazing and expected by the consumers. Samsung galaxy S6 did quite well in the market and satisfied customers have been observed around. There are huge expectations from galaxy S7. It is going to be a much better phone that is being expected. Samsung always offer something new and better to its fans. Galaxy 7 is having some great and high end features that customers are going to love. The price tag is also expected to be affordable if compared to the previous launch of the company. Till the release of Samsung Galaxy S7 we will have to rely on the rumors and news in the market.

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