Often the important pieces of sailing gear that you need are not always the most obvious, and it takes an experienced sailor to enlighten you as to what you’ll need to make your time on the water all the more enjoyable, and safer too.

We’ve narrowed down some of the more essential items you’ll need when hitting the water, and as you can buy sailing equipment online, you never need to be unprepared!

Small Spare Outboard Motor

If you’re sailing a lot and tend to go out quite far, a small, spare outboard motor can literally be a life saver. If your motor suddenly stops working and you are unable to fix it, a spare can get you back to land without any issues. Alternatively, a small dinghy and oars could work as an alternative, depending on the size of the boat you are sailing.

Good Ground Tackle

A serviceable anchor is one thing, but it’s essential you have solid, reliable ground tackle, especially if you are over-nighting on your boat. Good ground tackle will keep you in one place, avoid drifting and ensure that you stay safe when you want to stay still.

Sailing Equipment You Need To Know About

Fuel Filtering Gear

When you buy sailing equipment online you’ll come across all sorts of fuel filtering gear, and it’s best to do your research and ensure you purchase the type that will best suit your needs. Dirty fuel can put a damper on your sailing and always having spare fuel and the ability to filter it will ensure you don’t run into any issues.

Sailing Equipment You Need To Know About

Sponges and Bailing Equipment

If you start taking on water, which you can do at any time, having the correct bailing equipment will help you out no end. Water always collects on boats and even small quantities can wreak havoc if you are not prepared. A sponge or bailing bucket is an essential, and if you can find one that’s easy, efficient and quick to use, even better.

Sailing Equipment You Need To Know About

LED Lights

If you have lights on your boat, make sure they are LEDs. LEDs are brighter than most lights and are also energy efficient, saving you power and keeping your boat illuminated for longer. You can also purchase LED lights in multiple different forms, so if you want light you can move around and position as desired, they are an excellent option.

Sailing Equipment You Need To Know About


Binoculars may sound more like a nice-to-have item than essential equipment, but they can be crucial in some situations. Being able to see off into the distance clearly can keep you safe from colliding with other boats, can help you keep an eye on changing weather conditions and can help you spot anything else that might impact your sailing experience.

Sailing Equipment You Need To Know About

So many people set sail without taking the equipment that they need with them and are ill prepared for what awaits on the water. Being able to buy sailing equipment online ensures you always have access to everything you need, and this check list is a great starting point.