Boating is a leisure activity that many people love to engage in especially during the festive season. As such, as we draw closer to the festive season, we want to share with you some essential safety tips that you need to know when you go on your boating adventure.

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Know What the Weather Is Like

A boating activity is usually not something that just springs up out of nowhere. On many occasions, you actually plan for your boating activity. As such, a day before you set out to enjoy your adventure in the water, you will need to check with the local weather station the weather forecast for the following day. If it is going to be sunny and calm all day through, you can proceed to enjoy your adventure but if the weather forecasts warm of darkening clouds and volatile changing winds, you are better off staying at home. The same applies when there are sudden temperature changes when you are already inside the boat, quickly get off the water for your safety.

Get Your Pre-Departure Checklist

 When you book for your boating activity, more often than not, you will be provided with a pre-departure checklist. The list includes all the items that you need to bring and also the items that will be provided to you before you go onto the boat. It is important that you go through the pre-departure checklist a day before. Some of the things that you will see on the pre-departure checklist include life jackets, sound producing devices, distress signals, fire extinguishers, ventilation, and bilges. Only get on a boat that has everything that is on the checklist and only get on the boat if you have all the tools that are required for the passenger most importantly the life jacket.

Use Common Sense

When you get on a board either self-driving or just as a passenger, you need to use your common sense. When self-driving, you need to ensure that the boat moves at a reasonable speed at all times, be alert at all times, steer clear of approaching large vessels, and always be respectful of all navigational aids and buoys that you may come across. If you are a passenger, you need to ensure that you inform the person behind the steering wheel to drive safely.

Avoid Alcohol

It’s advisable to avoid alcohol when you are boating. This is because studies show that the effects of alcohol are exacerbated by the wind and the sun. When inside the boat, you are prone to heavy winds (at times) and the sun hence this may affect you and put your life in danger and also the lives of others in danger.

Learn to Swim

Lastly, it’s important that you learn to swim before you go into the water even when you will be travelling inside the boat. Anything may happen inside the boat hence you have to be able to save yourself if the worst happens by swimming to safety.